Friday, February 25, 2011


Finally updated my iPhoto....

Zev has been wanting to take a bath with his sisters.  I tell him he's going to regret that some day...

I have no idea what she's eating here.

 Pretty sure that's either cottage cheese or cream cheese on her face.

Zev has started climbing into bed with us in the middle of the  night.  I actually don't mind it, even though he snores like an obese man with sleep apnea.

Its hard to believe how different they look.  You'd never guess they were sisters, never mind twins.

They're all getting so big.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

home again with the kiddos

Nicole's daughter was sick this morning, so I had to stay home with the kiddos.  The girls are currently napping and Zev is watching the Muppet Movie.  So I'm a bad mom.  Sue me.

I have to upload some pictures...we've actually been taking a few.  The girls are getting bigger and bigger.  Well, Meorah is getting bigger and bigger.  Tzelia still hasn't broken 17 lbs.  We did finally switch out the car seats, so both girls are now in convertible car seats.  Still rear-facing, which makes it a big pain to put them in and out of the car, but rear-facing is the safest.  We have the girls in the third row and Zev in the captain's chair in the second row.  Unfortunately we have to use this set-up since Nicole needs the second captain's chair for her daughter when she brings my kids to pick up her daughter from day care on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It would probably be easier to have Zev in the third row, but that's not an option.  Oh well.

Tzelia has turned into quite the bully.  For a little thing, she has a mean streak in her.  Last night I caught her beating Meorah in the head with her sippy cup, and we have a great video of her beating Meorah with a take-out container.  If Meorah has a toy she wants, she'll just rip it out of her hands.  Meorah doesn't stand up for herself, which she really should learn how to do.  I encourage her to smack her back (ha), but she just sits there and cries, looking for help.

(I really do intervene and comfort her, so don't think I'm completely heartless)

Zev is still working on potty-training.  He's great at peeing while he's at home, but needs encouragement to actually poop in the potty.  When we're out in public, we put him in underwear and plastic pants (pull-ups are too much like diapers, IMO, so I don't use them) and try to remember to bring him into a bathroom every half hour or so.  Its a process....  Its hard for him when he's busy playing because he isn't thinking about it.  We had a pot-luck brunch this last weekend and he did have one accident.  We're getting there.

Yes, we had a brunch.  We have a lot of friends with kids around the same age as ours, so we thought it would be fun to have a bunch of people over with their kids and try to get a regular brunch going.  It was a lot of fun.  Our house was trashed, but it was worth it.  I think we ended up with about six or seven kids, plus their parents.  The kids all played very well together.  Hopefully someone will offer to host another one in a few weeks.

Not too much else.  Just hanging in there.  Every day is like another...which for now is a good thing...

Monday, February 7, 2011

catching up

No photos, but I haven't written in awhile so I thought I should try to catch up with a few things.

On a fun note, Jason and I actually went out for a date this past Saturday.  GASP, OMG!!  Friends of ours were having a combined birthday party, so we went out to dinner and then went to the party.  Honestly, I wasn't expecting to last for very long and I warned Jason that I would probably start pooping out around 10pm.  We had a nice dinner and then got to the party...and next thing I knew it was 10:30.  I was shocked that I was still coherent.  We did leave then and I think I ended up getting to bed around midnight. 

How unlike me.  For once I actually didn't feel like a parent.

We had our old summer nanny come and babysit while we were out.  I would only trust two people other than myself and my husband to be able to put the kids to bed:  Nicole and Meredith.  So Meredith came over with her boyfriend and they hung out with the kids for about an hour, put them all to bed, ordered pizza and watched TV.  Easy night for them.  I'd tell you how much we paid them, but I shudder to think about it.  Lets just say it was more than our dinner out.

That's another reason why we don't go out much...

Jason took Zev to see the Muppet Movie Saturday morning.  It was playing as a 'family friendly' movie at a local independent theater and they went with some friends who have children his age.  It was a nice treat for him; we don't allow Zev to really watch TV, so he has no idea who many of the current cartoon characters are (and thus neither do I).  He knows Sesame Street, the Muppets, and Mickey Mouse through a lot of the songs that we play or books that we have.  But he doesn't watch any children's television.  So I initially had some doubts that he would be able to sit through a movie, but he did a good job.  He likes Kermit and Fozzie, and was actually Kermit for Halloween (if you see that post, I have a few pictures of him dressed up). 

I've been concerned that he hasn't been able to get out of the house that often, given the horrible snow.  Nicole can't really take all three out with the minivan in the current conditions, so Zev has been stuck at home.  I am trying to make more weekend plans for him to get out of the house, even if he can only go with one of us and the other stays home with his sisters.  And this way he also gets to spend some one-on-one time with each of us individually (and so do his sisters, but I think they care less about that).

The girls are doing very well.  Still a little concern about Tzelia and her size:  at 14 months she only weighs 16.25 lbs.  Meorah weighs 3 lbs more than she does, and while she is small as well, it makes Tzelia look absolutely tiny.  At that party, some friends had brought their 4 month old who weighed more than Tzelia (although granted, he was a big boy).  I'm not overly concerned, as she is healthy and does eat and drink well...she's very active (lethargy would be a bad sign) and very opinionated and extremely verbal.  They will have their 15 month appointment in a month or so, and we'll see what their doctor has to say about it.

More snow coming in this week.  I'm not sure how much longer I can take it....