Sunday, January 9, 2011

The terrible threes....again. And feeding twins.

Yes, he's almost three.  In two days he'll be three.

And today was a trying day.  Zev has been 'acting out' a bit:  throwing his toys, refusing to stop when told, and pushing his sisters when they get in his way or start to bother him.  He gets frustrated and can't tame his instincts.  I know that.  But at the same time, we can't allow him to do these sorts of behaviors.  This morning was a turntable of him hitting his sister, being told to have a time out, him refusing to sit in his 'time out area', Jason taking him upstairs and locking the gate, him screaming to be brought back downstairs, refusing to sit in his time out area again...rinse and repeat.  I know the key is consistency, but I admit its hard when he is so defiant.  Sigh.  Luckily mornings like these are few and he is generally a good boy and is pretty easy and behaves well.  Everyone has off days.

The girls are becoming so much fun, though.  They play 'peek-a-boo' with each other, which is just precious.  They will stand on either side of a door and peek at each other and laugh.  Tzelia now can wave good-bye, and I find that adorable.  Meorah hasn't done that yet...she just claps all the time:  'I'll stick with what I know'.  And it seems that Tzelia is gaining weight again, thank goodness.  I've been working on expanding their food choices...some failures but some successes.  Its pretty hard feeding twins...they each have very different palates and very different food behaviors.  Meorah will shove anything in her mouth.  But, if she doesn't like it, you have to watch out:  she'll spit it right in your face.  Projectile.  And then laugh.  Tzelia will slowly examine every new food closely, put it to the tip of her tongue, and then if she doesn't want it, fling it across the room.  She loves bread, which Meorah likes 50% of the time.  Meorah hates being spoonfed, but Tzelia will without a problem.  The only thing they agree on is bananas:  definitely the #1 food for both.  Watching their reactions to even seeing a banana is hysterical.  You would think they won the lottery.

I've been sick the last few days.  I took off Friday in hopes to nip it in the bud, but that was pretty much a failure.  I did sleep in a bit this weekend, which I never do.  I'm trying to get better at rest when I need it...something I definitely need practice on.

But back to work tomorrow.... hopefully I'll be feeling a bit better then.


  1. Ugh, Nora is starting to act like a 3 year old, too. NOT fun. Where are our good kids??? Hopefully they come back soon!

    The girls playing peek-a-boo with each other sounds toooo cute!

  2. can you or Jason video tape the girls playing peek a boo with one another??? Love it. XO