Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Horrible update

I haven't updated because we've been in crisis mode.

My nanny was arrested last Thursday.

I got a call from my husband on my way home from work:  she was arrested for leaving the children in our locked minivan.  The kids were being transported to the ER at a local hospital.  That was all he knew at the time, but I was to go to the hospital to meet them all there.

Great.  WTF?

Long story short:  Nicole had had the kids in the minivan and stopped on her way to pick up her daughter at a local strip mall near her house.  She left the kids in the minivan.  People saw the three children in the car alone, and started to panic.  Someone called the cops and some EMTs also arrived.  That was when she came out of the mall and was arrested.  The children were taken out of the minivan and transported to the hospital to be looked at.  Nicole was arrested and taken away.  It was all caught on a local news station and played on that afternoon news, the evening news, and the afternoon news the following day.  Close-ups of them arresting Nicole, taking my kids out of my car (faces blurred, obviously), etc.

They are estimating the kids were in the car for anywhere from 35-45 minutes.  It was about 60 degrees outside, and they all had temps of just over 99 when the EMTs got to them.  According to the news report they were red, flushed, sweaty, and crying.  We ended up in the ER for a few hours because the cops left the minivan in the parking lot, and we didn't have anything to go pick up it...so Jason had to drive home to get our second pair of keys, go get the minivan, leave my car in the lot, and then drive back to the hospital so we could install the car seats the EMTs removed, take everyone back to the parking lot to pick up my car, and then go home.

The kids are fine.  The ER at the hospital was incredible.  They made us sandwiches, got us apple juice, put on a movie, and got me a college volunteer to help play with my kids while I freaked out in the corner of the room.

Nicole went to court the following day and was formally charged with abuse and neglect.  She has a 'stay away' order and cannot come near my children until her next court date in May.

Obviously she can no longer work for us.  I fluctuate between depression and anger.  I was furious all day Friday and Saturday.  Then I was depressed.  Then furious again.  We spoke to her last night to let her know formally we couldn't keep her on.  Department of Family Services has opened a case and they will be doing a home visit with us.  We haven't heard from the cops at all, and I haven't even read the official police report:  all I know is what I saw on the news (which I keep watching over and over again...).

I feel bad for her.  I feel bad for my kids.  I feel bad for myself and Jason who now have to find another nanny ASAP.  I have already set up interviews.  We're also looking into daycares just to explore that option.

And that's all I have to say about that right now......  Just....WTF.....


  1. Oh my goodness, Sarah, that is HORRIBLE. What was she thinking? It's not like she just ran in for a second (not that I'm say that is even ok) but 45 MINUTES?? Thankfully it wasn't a hotter day.

    I hope you find a replacement soon. I am so sorry!!

  2. I've seen your posts on FB & they were concerning. You've been in my thoughts. I'm SO sorry that you are going through this & grateful that your children are all well.

    Will continue to be thinking of you guys through this awful time!

  3. Thanks, ladies. We're getting a lot of support. It extremely stressful...too many things to think about....

  4. Oh my!I hope you find someone else really soon! That is a long time to leave babies in the car. I wouldn't leave mine in the car for a minute! You just never know. It is horrible that you trusted her and this happened. Thinking of you!

  5. OMG how horrible! You think you can trust someone and then you get slap like this! Im glad kids are ok, that's very long time to leave them alone- I can't leave mine even for a second. I hope you cam find reliable replacement soon..

  6. I'm so sorry you are going through this, but so relieved to hear your little ones were all okay. I'm sure it was a nightmare, but how fortunate that there were bystanders concerned enough to look out for the welfare of those babies. Keeping you in my thoughts (hugs).

  7. Oh, no! My heart goes out to you. This is such an awful situation all the way around.

  8. WTF is right and I am so happy your girls and boy are all right!!! (You may remember me as Colo1278 from EP...) Now I'm just another mom (I have a preemie daughter who's now 4 and a 2 yr old boy) and am so glad your precious babes are ok.