Monday, August 15, 2011

Just the girls

Jason and Zev are in CA.  His aunt and uncle are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, and while we were all invited to the party, I just wasn't stupid brave enough to want to take the girls.  So Jason and Zev were our representatives and off they went. 

And it was just me and the girls.  I was looking forward to it, actually.  They can be rather fun.  And I tried to make some play-dates with friends I haven't seen in a long time who also happen to have children.  My old boyfriend from college is now married and has a one year old daughter and I thought it would be fun to do something with them.  Likewise, my neighbor is still home on maternity leave with her three year old twin boys (who are friends with Zev) and three month old son.  But in both cases, the nap schedules just didn't mesh up...while my girls are on one long nap/day, each of my friends still have their children on 2 naps/day, directly opposite from my girls.  Oh well.  I did still manage to catch up with my neighbor who walked by while my girls were napping, and I also saw my mother and sister one morning.  Other than that, we spent a lot of time at an inside playground since the weather was so nasty. 

The most difficult part of the day, honestly, was after 7pm and the girls were in bed.  Its a weekend, and its 7pm.  And I'm stuck at home with nothing to do.  Which, if you know me personally, is utter torture.  I don't like watching TV.  I do like to read, but can only do it in short amounts, and I didn't have anything new I wanted to read.  So I browsed Netflix and did a little crosswords.  Yay, the happy life of a parent.  And I was somewhat productive during naps: cleaned the fridge, mopped the floor, cleaned out our toy bins and tossed old toys that we weren't using anymore.  So I feel a little more organized.  It won't last, but at least for two hours, the house was relatively clean.

We did miss Jason and Zev.  Tzelia was specifically pretty clutchy all weekend, but she also had the wonderful timing of coming down with a cold.  Meorah was congested the first night, and had a hard time falling asleep...its like she KNEW it was only me.  Sigh.  Meorah loved seeing Jason on Facetime and kept reaching for the phone when she saw his face.  We'll see how they react when they see him (and Zev) tomorrow night.

It sounds like Zev had a good time, and I can't wait to hear it from him.  And see more pictures.  I know they checked out Disney Land and Lego Land and the beach.  Jason wants to try for all of us to take a vacation together next summer.  That may work.  We'll see.

Meorah is walking much better.  She still knee-walks, but that has gone down dramatically.  I am concerned about Tzelia's weight and we are continuing to add cream to her milk.  No complaints from Zev about the leg braces, but I should make an appointment for him in a few weeks to get him looked at again.

Its always something, isn't it?  But lots of good things as well.  Can't complain too much.

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