Thursday, August 26, 2010

School is back in session

Well, not for me.  Ever ever ever again.

But for Zev, yes.  Nicole is back!  Meredith has her last day on Friday and Nicole has started nannying with us again.  For this initial week, she is bringing her daughter because she could not get her daughter into the day care until 9/1.  If three children are hard, I can't imagine a newborn, twin 9 month old girls, and a toddler.  Yikes.  Luckily Shaniya is still in the sleep-mode, only being about 3 months old.  Still...I'm sure its a very loud house during the day...

I think the summer went quite well.  Meredith did a good job and we will be using her ocassionally as a babysitter.  Jason and I took her and her boyfriend out for dinner last Saturday as a 'thank you and good-bye' celebration.  I think she'll do well.  She learned a lot and I'm sure she is MUCH more comfortable with babies now.  Ha.

A few photos just for fun...

Fun times.

Getting a little nervous about my surgery in a few weeks.  I am scheduled for a diastasis repair on 9/22.  The recovery is pretty brutal and I'll be out of work for about a week and a half, at minimum.  I've been pondering why its starting to bother me, and I think it isn't the pain/discomfort issue per se.  Or even the bedrest itself...after all, I've been-there-done-that.  I think its the FACT that the last time I was recovering from abdominal surgery, the girls were in the NICU.  I worry feeling the same sorts of aches/pains and dealing with the same movement restrictions is going to bring up a lot of anxiety for me in a PTSD-fashion.  Similar to when I see anything Christmas-related...I was listening to some music the other day and it has a 'Christmas-y' feel to it, and immediately felt out-of-sorts.  Hopefully since I'm prepared the anxiety will not be so bad.  I'm also concerned about the recovery itself...making sure it goes well and I don't do too-much-too soon.  If I've learned my lesson from before, I'll take it easy this time....

Other updates:  our tree is (finally) going to be taken down.  The girls are doing fantastically.  They have their six month IE review in a few weeks, and I think they'll be kicked out of the program.  We tried to offer Meorah some solid food over the weekend...and after being hit by projectile vomit, I decided to wait a few more weeks before trying again.  She is so so so so so close to crawling with purpose.  She can scoot herself around and reach out for things she wants, but she hasn't quite figured out how to pull her full body forward yet.  In a few weeks, I'm sure.  Tzelia is closely behind her in terms of gross motor, although definitely more verbal and I've heard a few 'ga ga's in between the 'ba ba's. 

Zev is...Zev.  He's doing great sleeping in his 'big boy bed'.  He's just a funny kid.  Now that Nicole is back, she's going to be working on some potty training with him.  He's well aware and knows that once Shaniya is gone, the potty is coming back.  Dum dum dum......

I still need a vacation.  Looking forward to when I can stop using the breastpump.  It will be 9 months in another week or so.  I'd love to make it a year....


  1. I cant believe your girls are about to crawl already ! i feel Rokas is so much behind them- he is definately not advancing that fast on his gross motor skills...
    I am glad to hear they are doing so great !

    And i hear you about Christmas time .. :( We will most definately need to plan something together around then . ( and hopefully before then as well sometime )

  2. Ha! I keep thinking the same thing about Rokas!! He's much bigger than my girls and is eating real food.

    Best not to do any comparison at all. I try not to do that between M and T...each are progressing on different things at different times...

  3. Ha! He is bigger because he is a boy i guess lol
    developmentally i dont think he is ahead of his adjusted age and some things on slower side i think. But you are right better not to compare , as long as they ARE advancing

  4. Beautiful pictures. You know how you can know you are a wonderful mom? By looking at those photos and seeing the joy in the faces of all three of your children!

    Good luck with your surgery!