Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dr. Seuss

Two babies.  Two babies crawling.  Crawl babies, crawl!

This is getting interesting.  Meorah has been crawling for about two weeks now.  Tzelia just started a few days ago.  And now I have two babies...two babies crawling in opposite directions.

They are becoming 'real' people.  They are now learning how to ask for what they want.  Recently Meorah has been following me around and when she wants to be held will crawl on top of my feet and pull at me while crying.  She's also showing some signs of jealousy:  if I am holding Tzelia, she will come over and cry to be held as well.  As for Tzelia...if she's hungry and she sees a bottle, she'll make a bee-line for it.  I found her with one in her hands the other day and when I brought some real food over to her, she dropped the pacifier out of her mouth and grabbed for the spoon.  Its all quite cute, but as they get more and more demanding about getting individual attention....god help us all.

They are just over 9 months old now, roughly 6.5 months adjusted.  Tzelia is doing well on the real food-front, although Meorah doesn't quite get it yet.  They have their Early Intervention assessment in two weeks, and we'll see what the therapists think of that.  That is my only concern regarding the two of them: I'm pretty happy with how they are doing otherwise.  Tzelia is still a peanut (barely 14 lbs at 9 months) but we'll see what her pedi says at her appointment in two weeks.  Meorah isn't that much bigger (roughly 16 lbs, I think), but she looks huge compared to her sister.  Which is all amusing considering its Tzelia who can eat the real food and Meorah who hasn't figured it out.

Zev is being a bit more difficult in the evenings.  Our little boy who used to love to go to bed now decides to have a melt-down every night when we tell him its time for bed.  Most of the time he's the only one going upstairs, so I understand his reluctance.  To make it worse, in the last few days he's started coming downstairs around 6:30am (I'm usually pumping then, so at least I'm down there already) rather than staying in his room until someone comes to get him.  We're going to have to break him of this habit.  Today I just told him to go back upstairs and find Daddy.  Ha.

As for in 4 days.  Jason is going to come with me in the morning and will drive me home (it is outpatient and I will be leaving after I recover from the general anesthesia).  The surgery is starting to freak me out more, and I'm also starting to worry about Zev's reaction to my disability afterwards.  He did not react all that well when I was on bedrest and in the hospital, and that was a year ago.  I won't be able to do much with him for a month or so; he likes to jump on me and that is going to be a big NO-NO.  He is old enough to possibly understand a little, so I think I'm going to start talking to him about it so he is prepared.

I have some pictures to upload, but blogger is being difficult, so I'll try to do it later today....


  1. wow ! reading about your girls makes me nervous how much behind Rokas is :( he is nowhere near crawling stage yet :( he just mastered rolling now and starting to sit only a minute or two at a time. that is it. And going by adjusted age he is only 3 weeks younger i think. I try to not compare, but its hhard.

    Good luck with your surgery- i hope everything goes well and recovery is easy.

  2. Yes, but he was born at an earlier gestational age, right? That makes a difference. And he's a boy, which also makes a big difference. Different babies master different skills at different times...he's good with solid food, yeah? My girls are only just starting that. Tzelia is beginning to get it down rather easily, but Meorah is far behind there.

  3. Wow, you are going to be hopping with two mobile babies! For what it's worth, I had two full term babies, one of whom crawled at 6 months (and walked at 8!)and the other who didn't crawl until 11 months. I think it is very individual and related to the child's personality.

  4. Oh definitely! Zev was a late crawler and a late talker. Now he can't sit still and doesn't shut up. Ha. I have read somewhere that younger siblings (and twins) sometimes learn to crawl faster just because they want to catch up to siblings. Poor Tzelia sees Meorah scooting around and I know she gets frustrated with herself sometimes: she'll look at you and cry.

  5. thank you ! yes he was 28 weeks 6 days but doctors always refer to him as 28 weeker becuase of his lung development and birth weight i guess.
    I sort of panicked really over the weekend , having a preemie makes you paanoid a little. I can't help but start thinking CP and that sort of stuff ( i need to stay off those preemie sites ! ) but then after talking to some friends and my own sister i calmed down lol Turns out my nephews ( they are 22 and 17 now) one walked at 9 month but talked very late And the other one didnt crawl until 11 month he didnt even try to sit up until 9 month. He is very athletic now, into competitive sports etc- go figure...
    So hopefully Rokas is taking his sweet time..

    Love the pictures - girls are just adorbale - so is Zev! where did you go pumpkin picking?