Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daycare week 2

Four full days of day care = three sick children.

The week ended with all three children having horrible fevers.  My mother in law came to visit last weekend and we had a really nice day out at the local zoo in the afternoon.  One of our 'groupon' buys last year was a zoo membership, so we get to go there for free now.  I had never been to this particular zoo (Franklin Park Zoo) and it was actually quite nice.  We wandered around a little bit and then let the kids play in one of the little playground areas they have there.  In the evening, my mother met us and we went out to dinner at a local Japanese restaurant we really like but rarely get to go to (Minado).  Jason and I love this place but since its a buffet, unless we have other adults with us we cannot go with the children.  And, it is rather $$$!  But the food is excellent and it is always crowded and very popular.

So while Saturday was lovely, Sunday we woke up with three sick children.  Zev spent the entire day zoned out on the couch with this grandmother.  Jason and I escaped for a nice lunch out while she watched the kids (thanks!!).  The girls ended up having fevers that evening, so I agreed to stay home with them.  We did end up taking them to the doctors Monday morning, and both girls have ear infections.  Jason stayed home with all three kids on Tuesday, and everyone was back to work/daycare by Wed.


Zev is still coughing a LOT.  He had been on antibiotics and Flonaze for three weeks with sinusitis, but he still sounds horrific.  We're going to give him a few more days and if it doesn't improve, take him to the doctor as well.  He has a horrible wet cough.  The girls, finally, are perked up and feeling better, but it is an...adventure...trying to get them to take their antibiotics.  Its a two person job:  one of us has to hold them down while the other forces their jaw open to drop the medicine in while the poor thing is crying and squirming.  This stuff is supposed to taste good, but they REFUSE to take it unless you force it in.  At least we only have a few more days of that.

I went to my 'moms of multiples' group the other evening and am now the 'Welcoming Chair' for my group.  I had wanted to be a more active member a few months ago, so when the current chair stepped down, the president asked me if I wanted to step in.  I said sure.  It isn't that difficult a job:  before each monthly meeting with have 'age based discussion rooms', where you go into a room with other MoMs with twins the same age and chat for an hour.  They are moderated by volunteers, so I just have to make sure each room has a designated moderator.  I also will continue to run the mentoring program and make sure we have someone call new members when new members join to officially 'welcome' them into the club.  I also go to board meetings and get to see more of the 'behind the scenes' issues in the club.  I thought it would be nice to do:  I get to talk to adults, feel like I'm contributing, and have an 'outside interest' other than work.

I sometimes forget that being a twin mom is somewhat 'special' and unique.  It isn't until I talk to other mothers of twins that I realize how neat it really is.  Its just reality to me.  It isn't until I'm out in the world and I'm stopped every 5 feet by a stranger ("you must have your hands full/are they twins/God bless you (my favorite)/you're supermom/etc") that I remember how different it is.

Its also very $$.  Money continues to be a big stressor for us right now.  We're considering getting rid of a car and our cable.  We have cut out going out to dinner unless we already have a coupon.  I'm keeping a close eye on our grocery budget, but luckily we already don't buy any real 'junk', so there isn't much to cut down on.  Jason may be able to start working some weekend shifts at a local hospital starting in July, and that will be very helpful.

And I suppose we could always sell a kid.  Meorah is probably worth the most since she's the easiest, but I could argue that Tzelia is the better long-term investment:  she's definitely very smart and analytical already and has MIT or something similar in her future. So if you're willing to put her with her drama-queen antics in the first few years, I think you'd end up with a better deal with her financially.

Or you could take Zev.  He's about 90% potty-trained and already somewhat broken-in.  We could work out a deal.

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