Friday, April 29, 2011

First year molars and utter exhaustion

I don't remember ever being this tired.  I sure I have been...after the Zev or the girls were born, etc.  But it has been a LONG LONG time.

Jason has a conference here in Boston for the Oncology Nursing Society.  So I was supposed to pick up the girls and Zev after work yesterday.  I went (in the rain, of course!!) to get the girls first, and found Meorah screaming in the arms of one of the caregivers.  Apparently she started crying about ten minutes prior to my arrival, with no obvious reason.  Since I still had to get Zev, I just put both girls in their stroller and ran through the rain to Zev's building.  It was easy picking him up, and we drove home, with Meorah screaming most of the way.

She was inconsolable at home, refusing dinner.  I couldn't even attempt to put her down without her screaming.  Zev, with the lack of empathy that comes with being three, kept asking for dinner and I had to do my best to make him something while holding Meorah (where was Tzelia during all this?  She has recently discovered a love for dragging a blanket around and sucking her thumb while walking on her knees...think 'Linus' from she was somewhere doing that with her coat still on).  I got some Tylenol into Meorah and called Jason, telling him he had to come home ASAP.

Since God hates me, by the time he showed up Meorah was acting fine.  The Tylenol had kicked in.  We still had no idea what was wrong:  I had managed to take her temperature, but she didn't have one.  She ate and went to bed.

We were awakened at 1am by her screaming.  The rest of the night is somewhat of a blurr...I know she went back to sleep after we comforted her, and awoke again at 3am.  Jason went into her room and then yelled to me that he didn't know what was wrong with her:  she refused to calm down and was now spasming every few seconds or so.  We brought her into our room, which did help her calm down.  As long as she was laying on me she stayed relatively quiet, but still spasming ocassionally.  It was now after 3am.  Jason called the on-call doc at our pediatrician's office, and the nurse said the spasms were actually not abnormal and babies often did that if they were very upset.  We made an appointment for the following morning to bring her in.  After awhile she did calm down enough to be put back in her own crib in her room.

And in the morning she was all smiles.  Tired, but no problems having breakfast, and laughing and singing to herself as we drove to daycare.  We ended up cancelling the appointment...gave her some Motrin and hoped for the best, leaving her at daycare.

Molars coming in?  That's my best guess.  They are supposed to come in around one year of age, and she's almost 17 months, 14.5 adjusted.  If she'll let me, I'm going to take a look at her mouth tonight.

But in the meantime, I'm absolutely exhausted.  I still got up at five to go to the gym and lift (I originally wasn't going to, but I was awake anyway, so figured I may as well go even if it means going through the motions...I'm a sucker for routine).  I also have a cold, which doesn't help.  Ugh.  Seriously, seriously dragging along.  You don't want to know how many pots cups of coffee I've had today.  And I have a bottle of caffeine powder in my lab that has been teasing me....

Luckily its Friday so tonight is laid back.  I don't have to 'prep' anything for tomorrow.  Jason is going to be out all day at the conference, so it will just be me and the kids.  I asked a few people if they wanted to hang out, but most are busy.  Its supposed to be a nice day, so I think we'll play in the yard for awhile.  I may try to do some yard clean-up if they'll let me.  We'll see.

All I want to do is lay on the couch and watch a movie with Jason.  That sounds heavenly about now....

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