Saturday, April 10, 2010

updating with pictures

I realized I haven't posted pictures in awhile....

On Easter Sunday we went to Devotion playground for something to do.  I think all us Jews in Brookline were there...

Jason and Zev at the top of a slide.  Zev has recently become fearful of slides.  He loved them last spring, but it has been awhile...hopefully he'll get over it.

Here Zev is busy moving all the mulch from the ground to a step while I observe.

The girls were chilling in their car seat stroller.  Close-ups just to show how different they look.  $10 to anyone who can tell me who is who.

Of course we were chatted up while we were there....twins just bring everyone over to say hi.  A mom with her own twins (now 4) stopped by and we shared stories.  It was nice.

Girls are doing well.  They are both around 9 lbs now and just had their 4 month pedi appointment.  The NP was concerned that Meorah was showing some right-sided favoritism, but the OT we have didn't seem too concerned about it.  She said most babies favor one side or another now that babies are sleeping on their backs, and gave us some simple things to try to encourage her to turn more towards her other side.

Both girls are now smiling more and coo'ing...just in time, because they are hitting the 'I want to kill you' phase.  It must be a survival mechanism:  after 3 months of crying non-stop, just when you are about to do something you'd regret...they smile.  But then they either pee or spit up on you, and you are back at square one....

Zev is still doing wonderfully.  He has gotten really interested in the 'potty', so I went out and bought one.  Nicole has potty-trained lots of boys, so I'll be going off her suggestions.  I need to buy some training pants, and then we'll be good to go.  I'm hoping he'll be easy....he's been easy with everything else.

As for me....reflux/heartburn/whatever is still pretty bad.  I'm getting an H.pilori test on Monday to see if that is a cause because the 2x/day prilosec ain't doing anything for me.  I had to stop taking the Maalox as well, because even though it helped the heartburn a little bit, it caused so much uncomfortable bloating after a week that I couldn't eat anymore anyway.  Which was causing me stress = more heartburn = decreased milk supply = more stress = more get the idea.  If that comes back negative she is going to let me see a GI doc.

And now Jason is having chronic headaches.  I ran out this morning to a tag sale and when I left he had taken percocet....which did nothing for him.  He had been taking 4 advil, to which I told him that he better NOT get an ulcer too.  He's napping now before we run out to my parents' house for dinner.

We're just both falling apart.  Had I known this would happen when we decided to try for another baby....I would have done it anyway.  But it really really sucks.

At least they're smiling.


  1. Too cute about the 'potty'! I like how you waited until Zev took an interest in it rather than forcing him into it.

    Twin smiles - priceless!

    It really sucks that you and Jason are having to pay such a heavy toll for having such precious kids. I hope the docs figure your situation out soon. How quickly will you find out the test results?

    Get anything good at the tag sale?

  2. The test results should be pretty immediate. I should know that day. I'll be tested tomorrow morning.

    I bought about $3-400 worth of clothes for $50. Half Zev's entire summer wardrobe, and just a few things for the girls, since I actually already have a fair amount for them: people have been nice in giving us hand-me-downs. I would have bought more for Zev, but there wasn't a lot in his size that I liked. I'm kind of picky for him...I don't like onsies at his age and they didn't have a lot of regular shirts. Bought a lot of shorts for him, though, and two bathing suits. Four summer hats for the girls, too.