Monday, April 26, 2010

Happiness is

Sleeping next to a baby.

We don't cosleep with the girls.  Cosleeping with twins would be rather tricky, especially with just a queen sized bed.  But we coslept with Zev for awhile.  Jason would do the first night feeding around 1am (I would pump then) and I would do the 4am breastfeeding...and we would all just sleep together until it was time to get up.  Which, while I was on maternity leave, was whenever we felt like it.  Jason would often end up sleeping with Zev on his chest as well, on nights in which Zev was particularly fussy.

I do feel sad that I can't do that with the girls.  I really loved sleeping next to Zev when he was so little.  But this weekend I had a little reminder...Jason was out getting his hair cut and the girls were sleeping on the couch.  I was in the kitchen and I heard Meorah start to fuss a bit.  She had only been down for about an hour, so I knew she wasn't really hungry.  So I went in there and moved her around and laid down next to her with Tzelia laying perpendicular at the top of our heads.  M's head was right next to mine, and my hand just laid on her chest so she knew I was there.

And we all laid there peacefully for another hour.  Jason came home somewhere in there, and my plan had been to run some errands when he got home...but I chose to stay with my girls and enjoy my little babies.

They'll be too big for that soon, and while I'm looking forward to having fun with them when they are Zev's age, sometimes its nice to appreciate the 'baby-ness' while we have it.

We're in the midst of trying out cloth diapers.  A store near me offers a 'rent to own' program, where you can try out diapers for a fee, and then buy them at a discount or return what you don't like.  Some we already like and some are not as successful quite yet.  But I do really want this to work because I love the idea (and the $$ savings).

On Sunday, we took Zev to our local YMCA for a class I signed him up for:  Tumbling Tots, or 'Run around the gym like a crazy 2 year old'.  He loved it...they had a moon bounce, climbing structures, and the expected basketballs.  I think I've said this before; I feel so bad that he is generally stuck in the house all week since Nicole cannot get out, and it makes me sad to think he isn't getting much social interaction other than his sisters.  I watched him with the other children in the gym and he was really trying to get involved with the other children, most of whom already knew each other.  It made me sad to watch...I want him to have his own group of kids to play with, and I suppose this is the disadvantage of not being in day care right now.  I hope that this class, and any others I find will help.  Plus, I'm going to have Meredith (temp nanny) take him out on Weds to story time and other activities so he can continue to branch out.

Not that he knows the difference, but I don't want him to be lonely....

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