Monday, May 3, 2010

Me and the girls

Weekend alone with the girls...

Jason took Zev to Chicago for the weekend.  His first cousin once removed (daughter of his first cousin, for those not up to par on geneology!) was having her Bat Mitzvah this weekend.  Since this was the side of the family that recently had a death and we were unable to go to the funeral, it was doubly important for someone to go to this family event.  Jason thought it would be fun to bring Zev, provided I was fine being home alone with the girls for the weekend.  They left early Saturday morning and were back around midday on Sunday.

First me:  I actually had a nice time.  I'm lucky that the girls are quite easy.  I didn't get to sleep in (not that I do regularly anyway), but it was really nice spending some 1-1 time with them.  I think one of the best things in the world is when a baby is looking at you and you just know you are her whole world.  Such overwhelming really is incredible.  I'm going to have to remember that feeling when they are 13 and yelling at me for being a mean mom and not letting them do whatever it is they want to do.  Ha.  As far as how it went, we got up, ate, we did a lot of tummy time/playtime.  While they napped I went through a bunch of my to-do list that I've been meaning to get done.

A big thing was Zev's toys.  He has a fair amount of toys like most kids.  Mainly books, but also Legos, blocks, puzzles, etc.  I am very anti-marketing towards children, but we also have some 'theme' toys:  Sesame Street, mainly, that other people have bought for him.  He does not watch TV at all (he is over 2 and I know lots of parents have their toddlers watch TV once in awhile, but I'm just not a fan of that plan for us...different strokes for different folks) but he knows Satan Elmo, Cookie-Monster, etc.  And he can recognize Mickey Mouse.  He doesn't know the 'newer' characters that seem to be popular now, again, because he doesn't watch TV and I don't buy those sorts of things.  I don't even know any of the characters I see around on children's toys.  But a lot of the toys he does have have lots and lots of pieces...which inevitably get lost.  Puzzle pieces, Lego pieces, parts of a train set, random of my goals was to go through his bins and find all these pieces and try to put them together again.  And success!  Of course, by next week they will all be missing again, but at least I started...

My other 'to do' list was to go through the girls' clothes.  They are getting bigger (M is up to 10 lbs 7oz and T is up to 9 lbs 10 oz) and it was time to turn over their clothes.  And, I just got two big garbage bags full of clothes from someone in my 'moms of multiples' group for just $25.  Go me!!  At this point, I could open my own children's clothes boutique.  Next on my list if figuring out exactly how to organize all these clothes in their closets...  And figure out what to do with all the clothes they grew out of.  I do have to say, dressing girls is a lot more fun than dressing boys.  Lots of cute little outfits.

So it was a rather productive weekend.  Of course, I should have taken advantage of the situation and...napped.  Ha.  No.  My routine Saturday:  two loads of laundry, organized Zev's toys, organized the girls' clothes, researched more of my cloth diapering, pumped, took the girls for a walk, had a friend come over...there was no napping in there.  My girls did give me a nice gift though:  both slept through the night.  While T has been doing that somewhat regularly, M usually gets up once.  I think she decided to be nice to her mommy and slept from 8:30-6.  T slept from 9-9, the lazy thing.  But I won't complain.

I did very much miss Zev and Jason.  They had a good time and I'll post some pictures from their weekend once they are uploaded.

And back to Monday!

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  1. You so lucky they sleep through the night! Rokas doesn't even show signs of this happening any time soon :(
    sounds like you had a very nice weekend! You should have napped though! :)