Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mothers Day Recap

My husband rocks.

He told me he had something planned for me for Mothers Day and that it was a surprise.  We had to be somewhere at 1pm and to expect to be done around 2:30.  We had Meredith (nanny) come over and he was going to whisk me somewhere.

Knowing him (and knowing what he knew I wanted/needed) I figured he had booked me for a massage somewhere.  I've been saying I needed one, and he is big on massage therapy.

I was right.  We ended up at Bella Sante and I was given a robe and flip flops.  They asked what I was there for, and I said I had no idea.  So imagine my surprise (and pleasure) in discovering that he had booked me for a vichy shower.  Thirty minutes of a salt scrub:   you are naked, with carefully placed towels, on a table and get a full body exfoliating scrub.  Followed by a warm rinse with a shower rod and the opportunity to lay there with the warm water sprinkling from above for as long as you like.

The only thing I would suggest is, if you go for this treatment, do NOT wear mascara.  I looked like a raccoon at this point.

After the shower, I stepped into the steam room while the room was prepped for a massage.  The last half hour was a full body massage with hot compresses infused with lavender.

Dude.  The only slightly disconcerting thing was the man doing my treatment.  He was about my age, but had a bit of a 'frat boy' take to him.  He would ask how I was doing, and I would respond that I was fine.  He would always reply: "All riiiight!!".  Yeah.  This isn't a sporting event.  Take the 'dude' attitude elsewhere, please.  But he gave a good massage and was very careful to tell me how he was averting his eyes when I needed to roll over...I was naked, after all.  I told him not to worry:  after all I went through in the hospital (pre-term labor drugs necessitating someone to lift my body to use a bed pan because I was too weak to lift up my butt, throwing up on people and in random containers, having someone wash me after using the bathroom, not to mention being in labor and all the exams that entails) I no longer have any real form of modesty or care about people seeing my body.  Whatever.

The treatment was fantastic.  I left covered in lavender oil, so next time I would probably bring extra clothes and use their shower.  And there may be a next time:  my MIL was wonderful enough to give me a GC to that same spa when she found out how much I liked it.  Now I just have to find the time to book another one...

Haven't posted pics in awhile.  These were from that morning:

Girls are getting big.  They are sleeping through the night, but I still get up to pump.  Its important to me to keep that going.  My first goal is 6 months, which is just another few weeks.  We will go from there.  

Zev is also doing fine, although I feel really guilty that he does not get out of the house so much, now that Nicole is doing so poorly.  She is only going to continue working until the end of the month, after which Meredith will take over.  I'm going to make sure Meredith gets out of the house at least 3x/week just so Zev can not feel so contained.  He seems happy and fine, but I wonder if his increased whiny-ness is due to being bored during the day.  And I'd like him to have some more stimulation and interaction other than his sisters.  I started looking into preschools, but it turns out he will only be 2 years 8 months in Sept....and all preschools require the kids to be 2.9.  Bugger!!  There is one toddler program that accepts younger children but it is full.  I may apply anyway just in case someone cancels, which is what the coordinator recommended.  And I'm sure when Nicole comes back in Sept she will be taking them out again....again, I just want him to be happy.  :(  He seems so fearful of the playground now, and he wasn't like that a year ago.  Luckily he plays well with others when he is with other children, but I don't want him to lose that either.  I want him to have friends his own age, and that's pretty difficult when he's stuck at home with his sisters all week....

I just tell myself he is young and this is just temporary.  He has lots of time to get out and be social.  Jason and I just have to also be sure to have good 1-1 time with him in the evening, which is hard when we are both tired and the girls need attention too.

But no one ever said this was easy...  which is why I really really needed that massage....


  1. OMG, that Mother's Day sounds amazing!!! I've never had a massage...

    We are having the same issues with preschool! I was hoping she would be able to go this fall...

    Oh, and Nora is going through a 'fear' phase, too. She's afraid of random things - the playground was one of those things for a couple of weeks, she's since moved on to other things like ladybugs, leaves, etc. Toddlers are so strange!

  2. Ohhh, I love to see photos of the girls! They are getting so big! (Juju is getting big, too, finally!)

    You deserved that massage, girl. Good for you!


  3. PS Have you tried talking to the schools about accepting your son anyway? I would think most would agree on some flexibility over one little month in exchange for your money!

  4. After looking around, his old day care will take him back. But looking at the $$....we decided to try a toddler program at a local temple. Its already full, but we applied anyway in case there is a cancellation. If not, we're just out the application fee.