Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just some more pictures....

Because we have them....

And my fave:

I had asked when the girls would start to notice each other in my last 'moms of multiples' meeting.  Singleton babies start noticing other babies around 7 months or so.  But for twins, it can be earlier.   I've noticed this in the girls:  Tzelia specifically has been 'sympathy' crying when she hears Meorah cry.  And while they do not interact with each other, I do catch them smiling at each other occasionally.  It will be fun to see how they grow up together.  After all, they are never alone right now:  they are always with each other and even sleep together in the same crib.  Is it weird to be jealous of that relationship?  Its something I'll probably never understand, but as I said, it will be a lot of fun watching it develop.  I'll have to check out some books on twin development and see what I can learn....


  1. I know you have had your fair bit of struggles from the start of pregnancy up until now, but when I see the content look on your children's faces I can't help but admire you and all you have come through. You are doing such a good job loving your children. They are lucky to have you!

  2. Oh, thank you. That made my day.

  3. Your favorite picture is mine too - just precious! And by the way - despite what must be overwhelming exhaustion, you look beautiful!

  4. Love love love the pictures!!