Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm really late on updating

I've been meaning to do a Halloween post, but life just gets in the way....

We did go out trick-or-treating for a little while.  I really wanted to go out with Zev and Jason:  last year I was on bedrest and even 'broke' it then to walk around the block to look at the pumpkins and decorations (of course I paid for that later with some pain, but it was worth it to me).

So Sunday evening we decided that we would feed the girls and then all of us go out for a bit and then come back and put the kids to bed.  Our bell starting ringing just before 6pm.  We managed to escape around 6:30 and were probably out for about half an hour.  It was COLD.  Jason had the girls in the stroller (sans costumes...they weren't going to be seen anyway) and I walked Zev up the steps to each of the houses.  It ws fun, although I had to prompt him to take the candy.  I think naturally he is a shy boy, but he did get into it.  We didn't get that much candy, but I wasn't going to let him have any of it anyway:  I told him we were collecting candy for daddy.  Ha.

(I know its only one day a year, but child nutrition is actually pretty important to me and a lot of my personal reading has to do with the food industry, sustainable farming, and nutrition in general. I debated being 'that house' and only giving out pretzels or other healthy stuff, but decided not to go that extreme.  While we were out, we did end up finding 'that house' and I did let Zev eat the bag of pretzels he got from her)

After Halloween, I went back over old pictures to see how Zev has grown....

Zev's first Halloween I just bought a onsie and a hat.  We didn't go anywhere.

Second Halloween (note the big baby bump...the girls would be coming about six weeks later, and this is after about four weeks of bedrest).  The weather was really nice that year and this is out on the porch carving a pumpkin.  He was a bear but refused to wear the hat that went with the costume.

This year at the Prudential Center as Kermit the frog.  Again, refused to wear the hat that was with the costume...I should keep this in mind for next year...

The kid finally grew some hair.

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