Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Still hanging....

We're in the midst of planning the girls' first birthday, which (believe it or not) is less than four weeks away.  Originally we were going to have it at our house, but after putting together a guest list, I became uncomfortable with the thought of having everyone come to us.  We live in a small, old, house.  There just isn't enough sitting room for that many adults + children.  While it would work (and we've done it before), it is rather chaotic and I think its rude to have too many people and not enough chairs for everyone to sit.

So we had to go to option 2.

Option 2 is now to rent out time at an Indoor know those big warehouses that have tons of toys and climbing structures with all those kiddos running around and screaming in.  You can rent out a room for birthdays for 1.5 hours and let your child-guests enjoy the play area while adults can sit and chat amongst themselves.  Its a bit old for the girls (these places are meant more for toddlers and up), but we need the space and many of the kids who are coming will be older. clean up.

All we have to do is supply the food; the facility will provide plates/utensils.  Unfortunately the place we like was booked in the afternoon, so we will be having a dinner party.  Pizza and cake it is!  Nice and easy.  Now I'm just debating whether I want to order a really funky cake from a bakery and have it be a little more 'special'.  Or do something a little different and just get a ton of cupcakes.

Unfortunately this plan puts Zev out a little bit.  His birthday is a month after the girls', and we can't throw two huge parties.  So, once again, his birthday is going to take a hit (if you go back, you can read about what happened during his birthday last the last minute it was decided that Meorah was going to come home from the NICU the day we planned to have his party so we had to do a last minute reschedule and it became a very small party at our house the night before we picked her up).

Since my mom and Jason's mom will not be coming to Zev's birthday for various reasons, we decided to have another party for his birthday, but limit it to only family and friends with children and have it at the house again. The girls' party is basically everyone we know, regardless of whether or not they have kids. 

Again, I can't believe its been a year....

No plans for MY birthday, which is the day before the girls' birthday.  I know Jason is putting something together, and I know it has something to do with pictures because I've seen him play around with them recently and I he said he's already figured out what he's doing for my birthday.  He's made albums for me before, so that's probably what he's doing (hint hint, if you're reading this, I like hard-bound books or real printed pictures...the digital stuff on paper isn't the same...).  If my parents give me money, I think I'm going to buy an espresso maker....I had some on my work retreat and fell in LOVE.  Not that I need more caffeine, but a girl has to have her vices. I also need a new wallet.  Meorah has been chewing on mine, and its a little yucky now.  I also have been seeing some 'mothers' jewlery, with different birthstones for the children.  I like that idea, too. 

What I should do is call our babysitter and see if she can come and babysit some afternoon/evening so Jason and I can go out.  That's what I'd really like...

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  1. How exciting about the girls party !
    we still dont know if we will have a party for Rokas. Probably just three of us at home and friends that do not have kids (and most do have kids) All my friends kids are in daycare/preschool etc and seems that are sick all the time. The one time we met a friends kid that had runny nose- Rokas had a cold for over a week.
    I really do want to celebrate this amazing year though. so I am going back and forth ...