Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Fourth of July! Finally a good weekend.

A nice long three day weekend.

It was in the 90s here in Boston over the weekend.  Oppressive heat.  I wanted to do something to celebrate the fourth, and we ended up going to a local park that was having some parades and other activities.  Zev was really too young for those, so we spent most of the time at the playground that was there.  But wow, it was hot!  Tzelia ended up getting very overheated, so we left on the earlier side.  Post-nap, we let Zev play in the splash pool my grandfather bought him...which he loves.

No fireworks for me.  I played trombone for over 10 years and could probably play the 1812 Overture in my sleep.  No interest in listening to that again.  But it was still a celebratory weekend!  Three reasons:

1) Jason and I got a babysitter to come over on Saturday and we went out to lunch....alone!!!  Two hours with no babies!!!  We decided we have to have her come over every other week or every third week so we can get out and do that more often.  Just to stay sane...

2) On Monday the 5th we had Meredith come over even though we weren't working and...I went to the movie theater!!  I haven't been to a theater in probably a year and a half. You could hold a gun to one of my children's heads and I still wouldn't be able to tell you the last movie I saw.  How sad.  We saw Toy Story 3, which was entertaining.  I probably would have preferred something a bit more 'high brow', but I was ok doing the more 'light and brainless' movie.  It was cute.

3) One of my insurance appeals came through!!  Whoo-hoo!  I was having problems with insurance covering the girls' formula.  Initially when we were on Jason's insurance it was covered 100%, but when we switched from an HMO to a PPO it stopped being covered...only they didn't tell us.  So we kept getting formula delivered to the house every month.  After three months of that we got a bill and found out we owed over $1000.  Ummmmm....no.  So I appealed, arguing that we were never informed that it stopped being covered and I wasn't going to pay for it.  And they granted my appeal.  Go me!!

I'm still waiting on one more appeal (short term disability related to my pneumonia...I should hear soon....)

I feel much more rested.  And...the girls actually went to bed around 7:30pm the last few nights rather than the 9pm they had been doing all last week.  I'm hoping that was just a phase and we're back to an earlier bed time.  Because I seriously couldn't take that late bed time anymore.  It meant no dinner until after 9pm and I just can't last that long.

Totally unrelated, but Zev has started saying something which is really cute.  When you tell him not to do something or you say something he doesn't like, he'll say:  'Don't say that'.  "Zev, don't go over there, you need to stay near mommy".  "Don't say that" (said in a soft, upset voice).

He really is an adorable little boy.  A very happy baby.  And so are the girls.  They actually are following in his footsteps:  they wake up happy, sleep well once they go to bed, and are pretty easy babies.  Too bad I won't be having any more kids, because I must be genetically blessed.


  1. I’m also a fan of “I do”

    Zevy, do you want to read a book? I do!

  2. We should make a list of funny things he says.

    "I do"
    "Don't say that"
    "Its acting funky"
    First thing upon seeing me when I get home: "I want a vitamin!"
    "I like the crust"
    "Going to ask mommy." "And what will Mommy say?" "Mommy will say no"

  3. I'm so happy to read this post! You sound wonderful!