Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm losing it.

I'm losing it.

Seriously.  Losing.  It.

The tree branch crashed into the house Saturday morning.  Took out part of our deck, part of our (new) roof.  And did some damage to our neighbor's house.

The tree guys came yesterday and removed the branch.  They left the wood, but removed the branch.  The insurance assessor came over to take a look and to give us an idea as to what was covered.

Branch removal from the house:  covered.
Damage to the house and deck:  covered.
Removal of debri:  covered up to $500 (its going to cost more than this).
Removal of the tree itself:  not covered.
Fixing the lawn if we remove the tree which will be totaled because they have to bring in a crane to do it (which we really have to do because its dying and is going to a) either fall or b) negatively affect the resale value of the house):  not covered.
Payment of deductible:  obviously we have to do.

This is an extra 5K or so we weren't expecting.  We had been planning on getting rid of the tree and paying for that, but now that part of it fell, not only do we have to pay for that, BUT we have to pay the deductible on our insurance (and possible our neighbor's insurance because we're good neighbors) and pay to fix up the lawn once they ruin it with the truck and equipment.

I'm upset because I was expecting them to cover tree removal.  Jason is going to double check with them today, but it looks like it won't be covered.

So there is this $$ to worry about.

My surgery in September, which isn't covered by insurance:  more $$ to worry about.  Plus the ramifications of the surgery itself.  Already partially paid for that and unfortunately even though it is 'elective' surgery, it is severely affecting my emotional state so I really can't cut this out.

Our nanny expenses are going to go up once Nicole gets back because we a) pay her more and b) are going to do it legally which means covered an extra 10% for taxation purposes.

Oh, and did I mention my parents are having issues, which is affecting my emotional life right now?  And that Jason sprained his rotator cuff when he woke up by the sound of the tree hitting the house on Saturday?  Plus lots of work stress that is going on right now, for both Jason and myself?  And that my nanny is freaking out because she realized that the branch could have fallen on her or the kids (it fell right where they play)...and of course if I stop to think about that I have a panic attack myself.

I. Am. Seriously. Losing. It.

I'd say things could get worse, but I feel like I'd be tempting fate if I said that.

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