Thursday, February 25, 2010

And the hits just keep coming

I've posted before about our nanny.  She is fantastic.  Thirty-four years old, and has been nannying/daycare for her entire professional life.  Has a degree in early education and has worked for day cares and been a nanny for over 10 years now.  When we found out we were having twins, the first thing we did was do a nanny search.  I joined and ended up interviewing eight nannies.  She was the last one, and while there were quite a few good interviews, I felt she was the best fit.  She accepted the position over the phone.

Since then, she has been very open about how much she loves her job.  She has told me that while she is not a religious person, she does think that this job was given to her just when she needed it.  It is a perfect fit.

When I was put on bedrest, she found out she was pregnant.  This was not a wanted pregnancy, but she kept it and her boyfriend moved in with her.  Her pregnancy has been a bit rough...lots of nausea, fatigue, heart burn, etc.  She found out a few weeks ago that she was having a girl and even has a name picked out.  This is not her first child (she has a 13 year old son), and although it wasn't initially what she wanted, she seemed to be getting more and more excited...she registered and Babies R Us last weekend (I peeked at it online...cute things!!) and has been in the midst of figuring out day care for her daughter.

Yesterday she was here and was not feeling so well.  She called her OB, and they had her go to the ER.  From her description, it really sounded like just a blood pressure issue or blood sugar:  dizziness upon standing.  But better safe than sorry.

She called us last night around 9:30pm, still in the hospital.  They were sending her to L/D.

While I was at the pediatrician this morning (more on that later) Jason called with an update:  they think she has an infection and her cervix is open.  And they think she has too much amniotic fluid.

The poor thing.  At my estimation she is around 23 weeks gestation.  Not even viable/barely viable.

My heart is breaking for her.  Jason said she did not have that much information, but that it sounded like she wasn't asking.  She hates doctors, so this doesn't surprise me.

Jason took Zev to the back up daycare at MGH and he'll take him again tomorrow.  I had the girls today for their 2 month appointment (looking good so far!) and a friend came with me to help me out.  We don't have anything on the schedule for tomorrow, so that shouldn't be bad:  Jason will take Zev with him again and I'll just stay home.

But poor Nicole.  I'm going to call her later and see how she is doing.  Obviously I am very worried about her, her baby, her health, and how she is going to get through this (emotionally and financially...I know her income after all, and if she is put on bed rest, that cuts that out completely).  And, because we have our own self-interests to keep in mind, if she is put on bed rest, that means we have to scramble for another nanny.  There is no WAY we will find someone as good, and I feel horribly guilty for even thinking of ourselves at this time.  But I suppose this is reality...

I will wait the weekend and then place an ad for a nanny.  If her cervix is indeed open, there is no way she can work.  That was my problem, and I was immediately put on bed rest.  If she has an amniotic infection, she is at risk of labor, and they may not even let her leave the hospital.

I feel horribly for her.  I've been there and I know what it feels like...

The poor thing.


  1. I am so sorry to hear this - my heart goes out for her and for all of you, handling so many things. Hopefully, this will be a short lived situation and things will then go well.

  2. Oh no!! I hope everything works out for her. And for you guys. Keep us posted!!

  3. update: they think she may have a kidney infection and are treating her for that. no contractions. She says she thinks she will be discharged on Saturday. She told Jason she was either 2.5 fingertips or 2.5 cm dilated (huge difference!!). Either way, she'll probably need bed rest...she mentioned trying to come here and just not use the stairs and jason told her not to worry about it yet and see what the doctors say...

    If she stops working for us, she has no income at all. no disability, no unemployment, nothing.