Friday, February 19, 2010

Continuing on with the sickness; buying girl's clothes

Pneumonia going on day 4.  Fever is gone, but coughing is worse.  I think I'd rather have the least that way I can sleep a little bit.

I have been getting some advice on how long this is going to last.  The general consensus seems to be:  a few weeks.  Well bugger.  I've been told by numerous people that the antibiotics will make me feel better (really...when?????) but after that, I need to continue to take it easy or I could have another bout of this and delay my full recovery.

As I said a few months ago:  I don't do so well with taking it easy.  Luckily the coughing is actually prohibiting me doing all that much anyway.  I don't know what my oxygen saturation levels are (before the NICU, would I have ever have even thought about that??) but they must be pretty low since I have no energy at all.  I am doing a little bit when I have sudden bursts of energy, but am still very much taking it easy.

Something I did do yesterday:  I had to go make some exchanges at Gymboree.  We have been getting some presents for the girls, but some of them have been preemie sized clothing.  Clothing that had been sent weeks ago was fine.  But now, while the girls are still currently wearing preemie clothes, they are starting to outgrow them and I would prefer to have clothes they can wear for the next few months.  Luckily people have been thoughtful enough to send receipts for their clothes.  So off I went to Gymboree to return some clothing and get something in a larger size.

Two funny anecdotes to that.

There are two Gymborees near me.  One in a very posh mall and one in a very working class mall.  The working class mall is closer but I had been there relatively recently, so I decided to go to the posh mall.  Walked through Bloomingdales to get to Gymboree.  This is around lunchtime on a Thursday, and you can imagine the high society dames who were browsing Bloomingdales in the middle of a working day. I went to Gymboree only to be told that the gifts had been bought at a Gymboree OUTLET and I couldn't return them there.  Bugger.  The Gymboree in the working class mall happens to be a Gymboree outlet, so I ended up having to go there anyway.

The difference between the women browsing Bloomingdales and the people in that second mall...there was easily a 200K salary difference.  I dropped a few tax breaks.  It was a little amusing.

Anyway, I did end up exchanging the clothing (and buying more...always works out that way, no), but I found myself in a funny situation:  I don't know how to buy girl's clothes.  I can buy clothes for my son easily.  No problem.  I have my boy clothes likes and dislikes and know what I want him to wear.  The girls....

Well, first there are so many more options for girls.  I always knew that, and it used to frustrate me when shopping for Zev.  But now that I actually have to BUY girl's clothes, its a bit overwhelming.  And I realized I have an aversion to buying them dresses.  For babies?  Won't their legs get cold?  Am I just too practical for this?  I don't have a problem buying cute bows for their hair (couldn't find any...sob sob) or things like that, but  You just see their diaper unless you get little short-shorts to go with them.  So I bought some cute girl-y jeans, two sets of one-piece overalls, and a onsie.  They only had one non-white onsie, which makes no sense to me....having babies in white is just asking for trouble.

Thus I did manage to get out for a bit.  Spent the rest of the day coughing, as usual.  More of the same, I would imagine, for today...


  1. Your mother used scotch tape to attach a bow to the top of your head when you were a baby because you had no hair to clip a bow onto...

  2. I know!!! I wanted to do that but I haven't bought the bows yet. Now they have these cute headbands I want to get:

    Lots of places sell them.

  3. In the winter Sadie doesn't wear dresses very often, but when she does we put leggings under them. Much easier than tights. In the summer we used/use dresses a lot. I have a serious love affair with monogrammed bloomers. I love seeing my daughter's little hiney peeking out from under her dress with her initials or name across it. My friends were pretty shocked at my taste in girl clothes because I am not considered a girly girl at all! :)

    The only time we sort of backed off dresses was when she was learning to crawl. The front of the dress would get caught under her knees and make it difficult for her to get going. You can tie the dresses up in back to avoid this happening.

    As much as I like dresses, little babies in jeans are just delicious!!!

    It's pretty funny because I am not a girly girl, but there is something wonderfully cute about little baby legs in the summer!

  4. At the hospital w/my first daughter, they stuck a bow to her hair with a drop of vaseline -- genius!

    Onesies all the way for newborns wearing cloth dipes... I think dresses are for photo opps only at this point.

    I'm buying newborn size for Juju this week, too -- so exciting to be outgrowing preemie clothes!!


  5. monogrammed bloomers...what a cute idea! Maybe in the summer time. That would be adorable.

    I'm glad they are almost out of preemie. We only have about 10 preemie outfits, and with twins thats a rather small wardrobe But I didn't want to buy anymore. I have a lot of newborn clothes, though, and those should last much longer.

    Reminds me...I need to finish researching cloth diapers. I will be using them, I just don't know which brand I want yet.

  6. Sounds like Keystone/Castleton, lol!!

    Look into baby legs. I love those under skirts/dresses in the winter, and much easier than tights!

  7. Ah, I remember that mall! Ha.

    Funny thing, I was thinking of YOU magda, and the cute little leggings you used to have for Nora. Hope her party was fun.

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