Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sickness, lots of bills, and diversity

Thank you, Zev.  You are getting so good at sharing.  It makes me very proud.  I couldn't be happier that you decided to share with me that horrible cold you had a few days ago.

Of course, it was probably inevitable.  There was so much snot and fluids coming off of you, that it would have been impossible to not get something unless we turned you into the Bubble Boy.   So, I am now up coughing at night with a sore throat.  Luckily I am not congested, as if you are breastfeeding, you cannot take decongestants (dries up the supply).  So I've been taking cough medicine and that's about it.  I may pop a few Tylenol for this headache, but I am pretty wary of that now that I have/had an ulcer.  It will depend on how awful I feel.

It is pretty bad timing.  The grandparents are coming en mass this weekend.  My mother is flying up from Florida, where she spends the majority of the winters.  She wants to stop by the house on the way back from the airport and then will probably want to come by at some point tomorrow as well (with dad in tow, obviously).  Jason's mom also is coming up this weekend.  I had not wanted people to come on the first weekend with all of us at home...and that has passed.  So now that the doors are 'open' everyone is flooding in.  It should be fine, so long as everyone washes washes washes.  The girls are still rather boring...all they do is sleep and eat.  But Zev is here too, and he likes seeing his grandparents.  I just wish I had more energy for the company (not that anyone will care...we are actually quite blessed with very supportive grandparents).

Amusing thing that happened a bill for Meorah's stay in the NICU (6 weeks inpatient).  There had been some issues with insurance that is now figured out and the bill will be re-submitted, but it was amusing to see how much her stay cost:  excess of $25,000.  It cost $500/day just to lay there and not see anyone.  I haven't received Tzelia's but she stayed an additional 2 weeks, which is 30% I would guess it will be close to $33,000 and probably more since she had more doctors see her.  I never even saw the bill for MY 3 weeks of inpatient stay or my c-section.  I had a private room, and I know many private rooms are upwards of $1000/day.  Ha.  I won't even go into a post on our health care system (hot topic!), but we'll just say....that's very expensive.

One final note...had a very nice chat with Nicole, our nanny, yesterday while we were at the house before she took Zev out.  It is really nice to get such good feedback: she LOVES her job.  She has told me numerous times that while she is not a religious person, she really feels that things happen for a reason, and she is here for a reason.  It fell into place just when she needed it.  We feel the same way.  She is such a gem, so wonderful with Zev, and I have learned a great deal from her...not only about parenting/toddlers, but about different life experiences.  She is from a very different background, and some of her personal stories are quite shocking...lots of abuse, neglect, poverty, family members in prison, etc.  She is the only one of her family who went to college.  She had a son at the age of 20 and (from how she describes it) is a wonderful mother to him, especially considering the circumstances around her...she and the father broke up 10 years ago, he passed away 2 years ago, she still deals with his 'overbearing' grandmother, etc.  And he's at the ripe age of 13, so probably isn't the easiest person to parent.  She is pregnant (unmarried) and in the midst of having her boyfriend move in with her.  No plans on getting married and she isn't even sure if the relationship will last forever.  But she is very matter-of-fact about it and while she didn't want to get pregnant, she is doing what needs to be done.

I really admire what she's done and how she deals with things in her life.  And I'm glad Zev has her in his life as well.  We loved his old day care, but the other children were like him:  jewish and either American or Israeli.  This way he meets lots of different people with different backgrounds at a very early age.  I grew up in a predominantly white suburb, and while I think I turned out 'ok', I think some diversity would also have had a good impact on me...

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