Saturday, February 6, 2010

RSV, PTSD, and other acronyms...

Jason asked me last night if I was nervous about tomorrow.


"Because its the first weekend without any help and all of us here"

Yeah, I guess that's true.

The week went fine actually.  We had some doctor appointments, and things are going rather well.  Again, our main issue is feeding, although the reflux does seem to be improving.  Both girls are now on Prilosec and breastmilk with cereal.  Meorah is taking awhile to get used to this change:  whereas she previously had taken about 15-20 minutes to eat, she is now taking 45.  And that is rather tiring.  Prilosec does take 3-5 days to kick in, so I'm hoping she will feel better in a few days and get a bit better at eating.  I know it is not a physical problem since this is a new development.  They are growing very well and will probably hit 6 lbs within the next week or so.  Double their birth weight!

We continue to have the visiting nurse come in, and they still see their pediatrician regularly.  We have another eye exam in two weeks, early intervention coming for their initial interview next week, and their two month 'well baby' visit with their pediatrician in two weeks.  They are supposed to get their 2 month vaccinations then...although I am considering requesting a delayed schedule for that.  While they may be 2 months old, they will really be just a few days adjusted age.  I started looking into recommendations for preemie vaccination schedules and it seems different people do it differently.  Some go with the standard recommendations, some do a delay, and some do the standard but spread it over two days or so (two vaccinations so they do not get it all at once in one shot).  They will also be getting their second Synagis shot around the 15th, so that just seems like a lot of injections and vaccines/antibodies at once for such little bodies.

I have to think about it a bit more.

Speaking of Synagis, Zev decided to celebrate our first weekend home alone by getting a cold.  Poor boy has been miserable the last two days.  I don't think I remember seeing him with such a bad head cold:  runny eyes, runny nose, coughing, etc.  He came back with Nicole on Thursday night and spent the rest of the evening on my lap barely moving or talking.  Yesterday he stayed home and had a bit more energy but was obviously very uncomfortable.  I want to keep a close eye on him (and the girls) since cold symptoms are very similar to RSV, and that is the last thing we need right now.  Unfortunately there isn't much we can do to protect the girls other than do our best to keep them in another room.  I hope he's feeling better today....

I'm doing.....ok.  I saw my doc last week and sure enough my thyroid meds need adjusting:  I'm hypothyroid, and that always becomes worse when I'm pregnant and I end up having my meds adjusted. They were last adjusted in November, but now that I am no longer pregnant I needed to be tested again.  So we are lowing my dose back down and I will get tested again in 6 weeks.

Other interesting result of that meeting; I have a new aversion to giving blood.  I actually am a donor for my work:  often scientists will need blood samples, and employees can sign up to be a donor and donate a few vials of blood once in awhile.  Pay is nominal:  I do it as a way to help out my peers.  I have great veins and never had an issue donating...the nurse knew I was always available and often would end up in her office about once a week to donate.  I also would get my blood taken often when I was going through the infertility treatments:  at least every 3 days and sometimes every day for weeks on end.  Obviously I don't have an issue with getting my blood taken.

Until now.  Since October, I would only be getting my blood taken when I was thought to be in labor or in the hospital with complications.  When the med assistant came to take my blood two days ago, all of the sudden I wanted to cry.  I didn't:  managed a fake smile and let her take her few vials and I left the lab.  But the different reaction I had was striking.  I wrote a post way back about PTSD and the NICU, and I'm finding emotions like this just come out of the blue.

Another example:  later that afternoon there was a show on TV that took place around the holidays:  lots of Christmas decorations were up and the characters were preparing for Christmas and family events.  Again, I felt....bad.  I always liked Christmas (even though I don't celebrate it) and liked the decorations and the music.  And now I can't stand to look at it.  I remember watching Christmas specials while in the hospital and missing out on many of the holiday lights since I was on bed rest, as well as spending part of the day in the NICU.  Now the association is there:  Christmas = hospital = anxiety and fear.

I'm functioning fine, don't get me wrong, and I have no symptoms of depression.  I just hate these random flashes that occur.  Common, I know, but it is unsettling.

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