Sunday, March 21, 2010

A day out with everyone

We decided to be brave and enjoy the spring weather and spend the morning at the Arnold Arboretum.  I do have to say that getting all three kids out and about is an adventure.  And exhausting.  But hey, this is our life now...

Jason and the girls.

Me and Zev playing 'I see you' with a bench.

The first flower Zev ever gave me (although Jason told him to give it to me....)

I like my flower.

Meorah's not a fan of being on the ground...but then, she generally hates everything.  She even threw up on daddy twice that day, despite what her shirt says...

While we were taking pictures of the girls, Zev was keeping busy.

Daddy and his girls.

Mommy and her little ones.  Adorable, eh?

It was a nice day out....  While we were sitting at one of the benches, I overheard a woman comment as she walked by:  "That's a lot of babies".

Well, yes.  Yes it is.


  1. Thanks for the great post with all the pics. Glad to see you are all getting out!

    As for the "Lot of babies" comment...yep, it least I thought so until I watched "Quintuplet surprise" on TLC. WOW! Now that's ALOT of babies!

  2. I know. I can't imagine five at once. Three is hard enough, and they aren't even the same age.

    During weekends I like to try to get out once a day, for the practice if anything. And weather providing...we can't take the girls indoors in public yet, so we're stuck with parks and similar places.