Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Passover and more health concerns

We continued to be brave and brought the girls out for Passover.  Friends invited us over for first seder, and while we originally declined, we talked to our pediatrician and she said we would be ok to bring the girls provided no one was sick and that we wore the girls the entire time.  We both really wanted to go, so we did.

I'm glad we did, although it was hard with the girls.  Zev was happy enough; he likes the other children (when I told him we were going to see E and B he got VERY excited).  And the advantage of going somewhere with other parents is that you don't have to worry that much about your own kid: someone is always watching. 

I'm not a fan of babywearing.  I know some moms love it and are big into attachment parenting and babywearing 24/7.  Personally, I find it physically uncomfortable.  The slings are too big for me, and the Bjorn just gets in my way.  But it does make things easier, so that's what we did.  It was a quick kiddie-friendly service and excellent food.  I held Meorah and managed about 2.5 hours before I couldn't take it anymore.  We were in the midst of 'fussy time' and neither of us were having it anymore.  Plus, I had to pump again.  Jason told me he was amazed I lasted as long as I did.  Ha.  Regardless, I had a really good time and I liked taking the girls out.  We haven't been able to do that so we haven't introduced the girls to anyone.  Part of the fun part of having a baby is showing them off, and we are missing out on that.  But as time goes on, we should be able to do that more often.

Second night we had my parents over.  My sister was supposed to come as well, but she emailed me that morning and said she was sick...and what should she do.  After chatting with Jason and her, we all decided it was best she stay home.  I was really disappointed.  I don't get to see her as much as I would like.  Everyone is busy and its hard for both of us to get out.  Hopefully I'll see her in a few weeks when my grandfather comes to visit.  We did have a nice time with my parents.  My dad hadn't seen the girls in a few weeks, and as he said:  they look like real babies now.  Which in a funny way is true.  They look so different now compared to when they were born.  I forget sometimes.  I look back at old pictures of them and remember how much lanugo they had and how tiny they were.  All those tubes.  They were only 3 lbs when they were born, and they are both around 8 lbs now.  Big difference.  And as they get older and are interacting more it is even better.

I do have some concerns, mainly regarding Meorah.  She is a bit behind Tzelia in her milestones:  she makes less eye contact, has less tracking, is harder to soothe with just a voice.  I don't know if that is just part of her personality as a naturally fussier baby or if it sometihng to be worried about.  But she does see an OT once a month, and I think I'll bring it up with her and see if we can maybe have her seen more often to make sure she is on the right track. 

As for me...ugh.  Reflux is back.  Everytime I eat I feel a burning sensation.  I'm back on the Prilosec and I emailed my doctor yesterday to see what she recommends.  This will be my third round of Prilosec in about three months.  I have yet to be seen by a GI doc, and I think that is the next step.  I can't do this forever.  I'm pretty sure the ulcer (which was undiagnosed) is gone, but this constant reflux is not something I want to deal with forever.  It does give me more empathy to the girls, though.  I want to cry after I eat too.  I don't think its a coincidence that it got worse as soon as I went back to work.  Anyone who knows me knows that I experience stress in my body.  Upset stomach, weight loss, insomnia, TMJD....this is how I experience stress and anxiety.  It isn't too surprising that I can now add reflux to that list...  So we'll see what she has to say.  I wouldn't mind seeing a GI doc just to get some answers.

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