Tuesday, March 23, 2010

nanny decisions...

We have been interviewing for a temporary nanny position.  Nicole, our nanny, is pregnant and due the end of June.  We have always known we would have to find someone to cover for her for the 8 weeks or so she will be out.  I had been planning on looking for a temp nanny sometime in May.

However, a few weeks ago my mother offered to 'buy' me a mother's helper to help out for a few weeks.  Seems she thinks Jason and I are a bit overwhelmed (what could give her THAT impression??).  So while thinking about that, I decided I could combine the two positions and have the mother's helper transition into a full time summer nanny.  I went to care.com, which is where I found Nicole, and placed an ad about two weeks ago.  Tons of responses, and we've been interviewing a few nice girls.  The last one will be tonight.

I've been concentrating mainly on college girls, thinking they would have the extra evening/weekend hours now and be free over the summer.  The girls are around 22-24 years old, and most are somewhat local.  I've been requesting that they work one evening during the week, from about 6-8, and then for a few hours on a weekend.  The girls have ranged in experience, from working in a day care setting to only nannying for one child.  Most are early education majors and want to be teachers. 

So the dilemna...how experienced do I need them to be.  For example, we had two girls interview on Sunday morning.  The first had a lot of experience:  day care setting in both the infant and toddler rooms and will be completing her degree this summer.  The second is currently a nanny for a one year old and will be starting her education major over the summer via an online program (will be her second degree; her first is psychology).  Her experience is really limited to her large extended family.  Normally I'd just jump at the first girl...only her hours are not as good (would not be able to make it to our house until 6:30 at the earliest).

What do we need?  A good experienced (although young) nanny, or as Jason puts it a glorified baby-sitter?  It will be summer time, so all she will really have to do is take Zev out to the park and make sure no one loses an eye.  She doesn't need to teach him...that's what Nicole does and will do when she returns.  Even Nicole said she doesn't think we need someone who will be a teacher (although perhaps she is biased...she is rather protective of Zev) because that is her job. 

One more interview tonight and then we'll have to make a decision....a cheaper babysitter or a slightly more $$ and experienced nanny....

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