Friday, March 19, 2010

Week 1 just about over

And today ends my first week back to work.  How has it gone?

Well, coincidentally I started back just when two major studies are picking up.  So I was thrown immediately into working on those.  I ended up working late three days this week, and its just my first week back.  Next week shouldn't be that bad, though.

I admit that my mood has picked up a lot.  Am I too busy?  Probably.  But the schedule and routine of getting up and going to work, being productive during the day, having adult has made me feel better.  I have gotten quite a few comments this week about how I'm able to get everything done.  People seem to think I'm doing so much.  Am I?  Or am I such an overachiever that I don't see it?  My day yesterday:

Pumped at 10pm the night before.
Woke up to pump around 1:30am.
Alarm went off at 5am:  pumped.
After pumping, went to gym.  Got there by 5:45. Left at 6:30 (what I do varies by day)
Got home and mixed the day's breastmilk/formula for the girls.
Showered, changed.  Had breakfast/pumped.  Left around 8:15
Work:  busy with various experimental stuff.  Pumped 3x/while there.
On the way home, picked up some pants I had altered.
Home:  cleaned out breastmilk stuff from work, cleaned out Zev's dishes.  Made all his food for the next day. 
Played with Zev for a bit and chatted with Jason.
Made our dinners and my food for the next day
Ate dinner
Played with Meorah and sat with Jason and Tzelia.
Made all the breastmilk for the overnight sessions.
Pumped around 10pm

Wash, rinse, repeat.  I think I sat down with nothing during that hour dinner.  But other than that...nope.  But I like it that way.  Is that weird?  Perhaps I should just accept that I will never be a Zen master.  Despite all the activity, I actually feel more RELAXED this way.  I think it is because I feel productive again...after 5 months of feeling useless.  As I said, my mood has been much improved this week.

Girls are doing well.  They had their Synagis shot and were weighed:  Meorah just under 8 lbs, and Tzelia around 7.5 lbs.  They are getting more and more alert and interactive, which is really nice.  I really miss them during the day.  After spending 5 months at home with them (pregnant and not) it is hard to be separated.  But at the same time, I am glad to be working. 

Zev has been hysterical recently.  He really is a card.  What I find amusing is that he tries to joke with you.  He has quite a sense of humor (and will tell you so:  Zevy funny!).  He still adores his sisters, thank goodness.  Not sure how long that will last, but hoping at least until the teenage years.  Ha.

Jason has had this week off, and I wish he had had more time to himself.  Nicole ended up getting sick after her glucose test the other day and had to take the rest of the day off.  I'm 99% sure she's diabetic.  She has all the symptoms.  Poor thing.  We called a back up sitter today so Jason could have a break.  I hope wherever he is, he's enjoying himself.  He'll start his new job on Monday.  I miss him.  I am hoping that this temp nanny can also act as a babysitter so we can spend more quality time together.  Because we need it.  We need to find a way to fit that in there somewhere.  We're more than just parents, and I think its important to remember that....

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