Thursday, October 7, 2010

Buying used clothes

Saw my surgeon again.  He said he's getting tired of seeing me.  Trust me, I'm getting tired of seeing him.

He drained off two ounces of fluid from my seroma.  He also recommended ginger tablets to help minimize future fluid gain...I guess some patients have said it helps.  I think I'll stop by Whole Paycheck Foods tomorrow and get some.  I've been in a fair amount of pain the last few days, and I think it is because of the excess fluid.  I had tried going a day without the compression garment a few days ago, and that was just awful....all the fluid just pressed against my jeans and was quite painful.  Plus the swelling of the skin with the bloating has been causing bruising which is quite painful.  Now that the fluid is gone, I really hope I'll feel better.  He wants to see me in a week to see if it returns.

I'm still torn about when to go back to work.  I had to nap again today, but the narcotics also make me tired, so I don't know if its an effect of the drugs or the recovery.  I need to be able to get through the day without a nap.  I had emailed my boss and said I was hoping to be back on Monday, and he told me not to come back before I was ready:  that it did me or the company no good if I came back before I could really work.  Good point.  I just feel so guilty being out of work for so long....

Other exciting news...finally got to pick up some clothes for Zev.  I'm a big believer in buying gently used clothes.  With three children, I just can't afford to buy everything 'new', especially for the girls who grow so quickly.  I couldn't go to my Moms of Multiples tag sale the other week, so I had sent out an inquiry on Craigslist and our Multiples Listserve asking if anyone was selling 2T boys or 9-12 month girl's clothes.  I got a few responses, and was finally able to make it out to pick up one of the responder's clothes today.  Some good things for Zev for the fall:  a few button down long sleeve shirts, some sweaters, some pj's, some sweater vests, and a few fleece.  He actually likes being 'preppy' and loves button down shirts, so I actually think it will work out well.  Tomorrow I'm heading out to another woman's house who is offering me some clothes for the girls.  And tomorrow night someone is  dropping off some clothes for Zev here since I can't make it out to her house.

I think its funny that some people are squeamish about buying used clothes/toys.  I figure...once you wear it, its used anyway.  And like I said, with three children, I just can't buy everything 'new'.  The majority of the girls' clothes are either used that I bought or gifts.  New clothes would be nice, sure, but I can't rationalize the cost.  I even have clothes that I bought/found for Zev and the girls that won't fit them for a year or two because they were a good bargain.  I'll just hold onto them until they are the right size.

Speaking of clothes, I have bags and bags of clothes all three have outgrown that I eventually hope to sell at some point.  Bags and bags of them.  Some clothes that have never even been worn, or worn just a few times.  Nicole (our nanny) said she would buy some of them off of me, but I also have a sister who may end up getting pregnant at some point, and I want to be able to offer her some as well.  Assuming she would take them, of course.

My dad left for Israel for about two weeks today.  I'm very jealous.  I've never been.  Hopefully I'll get to go some day.  Jason told me that I should try to find a vacation idea for the two of us...maybe next summer or the summer after he and I could go on a solo vacation.  Wouldn't that be lovely....


  1. hmm I should look into buying used clothes for Rokas. he is growing way too fast and i can't keep up lately lol . He is my first and only so i do buy new but i was thinking of supplementing with used. So you just go on craigslist for that ? what about consignment stores?

  2. I browse craigslist and also go to consignment stores. I've posted on craigslist requesting clothes as well.