Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Haven't shown any in awhile.  These were taken last weekend when Jason, my mother in law, and the kids went to a local zoo.  Zev was a bit young for the zoo itself, but I heard they had a good time.  A couple of things always amaze me when I see pictures of my children.

First, Zev's hair color.  Both Jason and I have black hair.  Zev's is light brown.  It will probably darken as he gets older, but I still find it fascinating that it is so light.

How different Meorah and Tzelia look.  Tzelia actually looks a lot like Zev, and Meorah looks a lot like me.  I know they are completely different babies, but I just find it so amusing that even though they are twins they look NOTHING alike.

But they are all beautiful.  At least I think so.


  1. both of your girls eyes are just amazing ! I love Tzelia's picture here especialy! i think that's Tzelia- in orange? Did Meorah get the leave herself? so funny !
    Zev is very cute too - i love how sisters are staring at him !lol

  2. Yes, that one is Tzelia. People always comment on their eyes. If only they would grow some hair. But then, Zev was pretty bald until he was two.

    The three of them are actually starting to 'play' together. Tzelia and Zev were having a conversation this morning...or rather, Tzelia would yell at him, and he would yell back. Quite cute.