Monday, October 25, 2010

Early Halloween

I spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out what to dress the kids for Halloween.  The last two years I haven't really cared.  I don't think Zev was anything for the first Halloween (he was only 9 months old!) and last year we just got him a bear costume at the last minute.  I stayed home for the trick or treaters since I was on bedrest, and Jason took him out for a little while.

This year I felt a little more pressure.  Zev actually has interests now, and he may actually get a little bit out of trick-or-treating.  And the girls...well, with twins there is always pressure to go 'above and beyond'.  You get enough attention as it is.  Something extra 'cute' is expected.

So Zev is Kermit.  We don't watch TV in our house.  We watch 'music'.  Jason has a program on his computer that is hooked up to the TV that collages through photos we have on iPhoto, and we have it hooked up to our iTunes, so we play iTunes playlists and old pictures of us are displayed on the television. Zev has a good ear and memory for music and has most of the muppet songs memorized (we actually have a video of him singing all the words to 'the Rainbow Connection', and is working on Willy Wonka right now.  He keeps asking for the Oompa Loompa song...but I digress...

Zev is Kermit.  Which left the girls.  You have to do a 'theme', and after going through a lot of costumes online I decided:  an Angel and a Devil.  And it was obvious who was going to be the Devil.  If you can't guess, you haven't been a good reader.

We went to the Pru, which was having a charity event for Boston Medical Center.  You could go and trick-or-treat in the stores, and there were a lot of booths for a variety of different sponsors.  It was fun and we took pictures.  I do have to be an attention whore for a second:  we got stopped by LOTS of people admiring the girls' costumes.  Even in the midst of tons and tons of costumed children, we still got attention.

It was nice.  I did good.



  1. adorable ! I love last picture of Zev- so cute and funny !

    Love girls outfits - awesome idea ! You look great, Sarah!

  2. Thanks, hon! We had a lot of fun. You should do it next year.