Friday, October 1, 2010

Recovery, continued

Went back to the surgeon today.

I was discharged from Beth Israel with one drainage tube.  Unfortunately, the tube was on the opposite side of where the hematoma was, and I started collecting fluid at the hematoma site.  By last night it was very uncomfortable and I knew it was only going to get bigger.  I called the surgeon this morning, and he had me come in to see one of his associates (he was at another site).

She was able to drain off 3 oz of fluid.  Yummers.  Just stuck a needle right in me and aspirated it out.  Didn't hurt a bit though:  that area is still completely numb.  She did warn me that it would probably come back, so when I go back to the surgeon on Tuesday to get the drain removed I will probably have to have it done again.


I should re-title this blog to something having to do with my crappy luck in health...

I do feel better now that the fluid is gone, but I am emotionally feeling rather out-of-sorts.  I hate that I have to miss another week of work.  I hate that I have another drainage tube.  I hate that I'm so uncomfortable.  I hate that my appetite is gone, yet again.  I'm exhausted due to the loss of blood, but am not taking the iron pills like I should because they have a rather...constipating...side-effect, and I don't want to have to deal with that.  I'd rather sleep or drink coffee.  I feel bad that Jason is doing so much parenting now, especially when it is 10pm and Tzelia still refuses to go to sleep.  My incredible no-napping-no-sleeping baby....  I thought babies were supposed to sleep 12 hours/day?  They obviously never met Tzelia.

But since this blog IS supposed to be about my kiddos, lets chat about them...

The girls did swimmingly at their Early Intervention.  The girls were assessed for fine and gross motor abilities, feeding, and receptive and expressive language.  Meorah scored at her actual age (9-10 months) in everything except feeding, where she was at her adjusted age (7 months).  Tzelia scored at her adjusted age for everything except expressive language, where she scored above her actual age, at 11 months.  She's just a babbling machine.  Both girls still qualify, since they are technically 'behind' in areas:  Meorah just for feeding, and Tzelia for everything except language.  We won't be continuing, though.  They are scoring at their adjusted age, which is exactly what you would expect for a preemie.  They are meeting their milestones, and their pediatrician is very happy with how they are doing.  Instead, if I am concerned in a year, I will call for another assessment.  Those are free.

Speaking of milestones, we found Meorah pulled up on her crib rails this morning.  Time to lower the mattress down and get ready for a walking baby...  Tzelia still isn't a fan of crawling, but I have a feeling she'll be talking first.  I chat with her all the time.  I don't know what we talk about, but she finds it interesting.  I watch her watch my mouth and try to copy me.  Then she just lets out a big 'BAH!'.  Its quite cute.

Zev is....almost three.  'Nuff said.

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