Friday, October 22, 2010

Its a tie

We've had a rough few weeks in the evenings.  Tzelia, always the difficult sleeper, has been even more difficult.  She will stay asleep once she is asleep.  But GETTING her down is another question.  Since I am still on my 'no lifting more than 10 lbs' restriction, that leaves Jason to trying to figure out how to get her to sleep....whether it is a bouncer, walking, rocking, or even putting her in a carrier and going outside for a half hour walk at 10pm.  Her days were equally fussy...needing to be held constantly.  And lets not even go into the blow-outs she's been having...

Two evenings ago she was inconsolable when Nicole brought the kids home...she had barely eaten all day.  I took a look at her gums...nice and swollen.  Finally.  Well, that explains that!  Ten and a half months, and she finally starts getting a tooth.  Poor thing.  Enter Tylenol, and half an hour later she's a happy baby, swimming across the floor and eating Cheerios.

So imagine our surprise when Nicole comes home yesterday and says:  You know Meorah has a tooth, right?

She DOES?  Our always happy, easy sleeping, 'see food must eat food' baby?  We'd been so busy with her drama queen sister, that we missed it.  Both girls were cutting teeth at the same time, but Meorah barely blinked while Tzelia acted like a little whiney princess.

As my husband's Facebook status stated:  Its a tie, but Meorah gets bonus points for taking it like a champ.

Tzelia, you're a wimp.

Now if both girls would just grow some hair already....


  1. Yay for teeth! I thought Meorah used to be more difficult baby , not Tzelia ?
    Two of Rokas teeth came out without any discomfort - i noticed only once it was out. The other 6 though were quite painful for him and for us lol So who know know maybe with the next one Tzelia will get bonus points :)

  2. Hopefully. I said to Jason last night, that we have a lot more teeth coming up, and I hope she'll deal with them better. She's back to being her happy self now, thank goodness.

    Of course with our luck, Meorah will turn into the drama queen next time....