Sunday, December 19, 2010

a few photos from the party

I admit we were really bad at taking pictures at the girls' birthday.  Luckily my mother shot some:

Tzelia cut her third tooth.  Jason had commented on how 'behind' she was compared to Meorah...and then she went out and cut a tooth.  She's been fantastically needy recently, and perhaps this is why.  She has always been a very needy girl, so it could just be a coincidence.  Its interesting how similar Meorah is to Zev, and how different Tzelia is to the two of them.  Both Meorah and Zev are very independent and generally happy children.  While I wouldn't say Tzelia is UNhappy, she is definitely more clutchy and more emotional compared to the other two.  Both Meorah and Zev (when he was their age) are content to play alone and never complain unless they're hungry.  Tzelia doesn't seem to like to be alone:  she will look towards an adult in the room to make sure they are there.  Only then is she ok to be alone.  But even then there are times she will only be happy if she is playing on your lap.  Meorah (and Zev) can't stand to be held for that long...they'd rather be off and playing somewhere.

Its just interesting.

We are a little concerned about Tzelia.  She hasn't gained any weight in a month.  She eats fine, better than Meorah sometimes.  But she doesn't drink.  We started tracking her fluid intake today because we are also noticing she has significantly less wet diapers.  We don't want her to be dehydrated, but I hesitate to give her water because it will just fill her up and she'd eat even less.  Her doc isn't concerned yet, but we're supposed to keep an eye on her.  Today she was about 15.5 lbs, compared to Meorah's almost 19.  Meorah herself isn't all that big, but compared to Tzelia she seems huge.  I'm not horribly worried, mainly because she is still healthy and does eat quite well.  I make them the same foods for their meals, so I am trying to compensate for Tzelia and give her more of the solids, knowing she'll take less milk later.  If that doesn't work, I'm going to have to spike her food with milk powder or something.

Nothing really planned for the upcoming holidays.  We don't celebrate Christmas, but we usually go to an old family friend's house for the day.  Unfortunately they had to cancel due to family illness, so I'm pretty disappointed.  Since it means my dad is free as well, we'll probably do something with him for the day.  And no New Years plans either, although its my sister's birthday and I have to still get her something.  She also usually has a Christmas Eve open house, and I need to find out if she is having that again.  If so, we'll of course go:  we had a lot of fun at her house for Thanksgiving.

Spent the day trying to clean.  And it looks like it may finally snow a bit.  I like looking at it, but hate the cold.  In my next life, I'm going to live somewhere nice and warm....

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  1. Love the pictures!
    I am sure Tzelia is fine just petite .
    You could try adding oils/butter into her veggies maybe. Instead of steaming, sauteing etc.