Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stuck in a blizzard...

The city of Boston was hit with about 18 inches of snow the day after Christmas.  While I had planned to go into work, the city was declared a 'state of emergency', and the mayor recommended that all non-essential workers stay home and off the roads.

I am a non-essential worker.

Nicole is a non-essential worker.

Jason is an essential worker.

I lose.

We actually had a nice day.  The kids did decide to tag team naps, however.  The girls are still taking two naps a day, while Zev takes one.  Which means they alternated and at least one child was always awake.  As I said to Jason later:  I'm not sure which is harder...entertaining one three year old or entertaining two one year olds.  Especially when you don't rely on television.

Zev was up at 7 and we had breakfast.  I got the girls up by 8 and Jason ran out as soon as possible to account for the snowy roads.  I did let Zev play out in the snow while the girls and I watched from inside.  While the girls were napping, I raided the craft bag and we did some glitter pens, stickers, markers, puff-balls, glue, pasta shapes...quite artistic!  By that time the girls woke up and everyone had lunch.  I kicked Zev upstairs to nap by promising him a bath when he woke up.  Then the girls and I played, which consisted of me laying on the floor and letting them climb all over me and stick their (grimey) hands in my face and mouth, while pulling my hair.  I delayed their nap as long as I could, knowing that once I brought them upstairs, Zev would wake up.  Sure enough, I brought them up at 3:20...and at 3:25 Zev came down.  I then delayed HIS bath as long as I could, knowing he would just wake them up when he got in the water and started splashing around and yelling.  By 4:30, Zev was in the tub and the girls were awake.  By 5:15 the girls were having dinner, and by 5:30 Jason was home. 

And I was wiped.

Some recent pictures, a few from the night before when the snow started, and the other two from the indoor playground we go to.

Our Christmas was nice.  We went to my sister's house for her annual Christmas Eve open house.  The kids were well-behaved.  We bummed around the house for the rest of the weekend, due to the snow.  And now things are back to normal.  No major plans for the New Year...I'm lucky if I'm still awake by 11pm....

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