Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Its the one year anniversary of my blog.  Happy anniversary to me.  I can't believe I've kept it up for this long.  I'm glad I did...its been a long year.  And, despite all the heart ache, trials and tribulations, and rough times...its actually ending pretty well.

Perhaps its fitting that we had the girls' birthday celebration today, then.  It went surprisingly well.  Jason's mom came over the day before and took Zev out for lunch while Jason and I scrubbed the house down.  And today we had a fair amount of friends, family, and kids come over to help us celebrate.  Very simple party:  pizza and cake.  But fun, nonetheless.  We aren't able to be social all that often, so it was nice having so many friends together at once.  And of course I like to show off the girls.  When I get some photos, I'll post some of the party.

The girls are doing so well.  They had their one year check-up a few days ago, and it went well.  There was a little concern about Tzelia's size, and we were told to try to beef up her foods.  At one year, she's only 15.5 lbs, so she's not even on the percentile chart.  Meorah is also rather small, but being 3 lbs bigger, she looks huge compared to Tzelia.  So I'm going to have to keep a closer eye on their intake.  I think she's just going to be a petite girl.  She's healthy, she's just small.

Other highlights of the weekend:  Jason and I went out on a date for the first time in 1.5 years.  I can't believe it, but its true.  Obviously we couldn't go while I was on bedrest, and we haven't been since the girls were born.  Which makes it about a year and a half.  We went out to a Hibachi-type restaurant that we like that definitely isn't kiddie-friendly.  Unfortunately I was exhausted:  it was a Friday night and I had a long work week.  But it was still nice being out sans kiddos.  We had Meredith (summer nanny) come and watch the kids.  She is one of only two people who could probably babysit in the evening...the other being Nicole, obviously.  We really do have to do that more often...its important and very recharging.

So nice weekend.  Nice date.  Nice party.  Hard to believe its been a year.  There were days I never thought we'd make it this far...or I'd end up killing someone along the way.  But it truly is getting easier.  And more fun.  I'm laughing a lot more and enjoying everything a lot more.  Looking forward to a lot more.

I hope I'm still keeping this blog a year from now.  Wouldn't that be something...

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