Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me!  Its the 10th anniversary of my 23rd birthday.  Ha.

Already the day is going much better than my birthday last year.  Haven't thrown up yet, I can move my feet, and there is no bed pan in sight.  Much better than my ninth anniversary.  Zev summed it up very nicely this morning as we were walking down the stairs:  "Don't want to slip and fall because mommy doesn't want to go to the hospital today".

Is it sad that my goal for today is not to be hospitalized?

Joking aside, the day is going to be rather low key.  I'm working.  I have kids who need to be catered to when I get home.  So its not like I can party hard.  But, my husband and I will be going out for dinner on Friday night!!!!!

Yes, that needs lots of emphasis.  Yesterday he asked me when the was last time we went out on a date in the evening.  I don't remember.  But it had to have been at least 15 months ago, because I was put on bedrest 15 months ago and we haven't been on one since then.  And we probably hadn't gone out prior to that with my pregnancy complications anyway.  So, it is very sad to say that my husband and I haven't been on a 'real date' in a year and a half.

How sad.

How very very sad.

Why haven't we?  Well, the bedrest issue.  Then the girls were born and preemies.  Since then, its been an issue of finding someone who could actually watch and put to bed all three children by themselves.  Hell, I wouldn't even want to do it, and I'm their mother.  Its drama-filled and difficult enough with two parents.  Not a good task for a babysitter....until recently, now that both girls are now pretty easy to put down.  Once you drag Zev up the stairs, he'll stay put as well.  But there was a good two-three months of bedtime Hell.  Every night.  So no babysitting.  Still, the only two people I would actually trust to do it would be Meredith and Nicole.

This will be fixed on Friday.  He told me Meredith will be coming over to watch the kiddos and we can go out.  Yay!!  That alone is a nice birthday gift.  He also got me a GC for a spa treatment, which I plan to take advantage of sometime in the next few weeks.

My gift to myself today:  I'm not pumping during the day.  Did it in the morning, will do it in the evening, but that's it.  I didn't even bring the parts to work.  I will be cutting out one of those sessions in a few days and then I'll be out completely.

My birthday present to myself:  hanging up the breast pumping horns.  Thank freaking god.

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  1. Happy Birthday! A date and giving up the, now THAT is a special gift (and that was not sarcasm by the way!!) Enjoy it all!