Friday, December 3, 2010

Pictures and update!

First a few pictures:  Zev out in the leaves

My prisoners on a Sunday morning:

Food poisoning is over.  Thank goodness.  However, I am still having a lot of bloating/gas problems (yeah, TMI, but its my blog so whatever).  So I am finally getting these GI tests done.  I had started getting tested before I became pregnant, but had to stop due to the pregnancy.  I actually had a gastric emptying study scheduled the week I found out I was pregnant with the girls.  

So I'm going to be getting tested for lactose intolerance, intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and actually get that emptying study done.  There is something I am intolerant to, and I'm tired of being bloated, gassy, and in pain from either gas or reflux.  As I bitched  said to Jason this morning, I'm so bloated its like I never had the surgery for the diastasis....sigh.

Speaking of, I did start going back to the gym, and while the first two weeks were fine I think I ended up doing a bit too much because I've been in more pain the last few days.  I would have taken some yummy drugs, but they tend to have a .... constipating effect.... and...well, see the previous paragraph.  So I'm just going to have to take it a little more easy when I go.  Or be more careful in choosing my exercises.

Kids are good.  Tzelia is just getting over a bad virus.  She didn't have any real symptoms other than a very high fever.  Poor thing.  She was better today, so I think it ran its course.  Meorah is going to be walking soon.  I've caught her almost standing on her own.  So maybe in another month or so.

We're having some potty issues with Zev.  He's great at peeing when he sits on the potty.  But if you don't ask him to sit down, he'll just hold it in.  We know, because he won't pee all morning (he's in underwear when home) and then when he naps, his diaper will be SOAKED.  We do ask him regularly if he has to sit on the potty, and he usually argues with us that he doesn't.  BUT when he does sit down, he will pee.  So I'm not quite sure what to do with him.  He knows when he pees in his diaper because he will say it 'feels warm'.  He just won't sit on the potty unless you badger him.  I know boys are supposed to take longer, so I suppose I shouldn't be too impatient with him.  I don't want it to be a big issue.  

Girls are turning one on Tuesday.  I can't believe it...

And I'm turning 33 on Monday.  Can't believe that either....  Here's hoping this birthday is better than last year's birthday.  At least I won't be in labor again.  Ha.  I'd rather not be puking or paralyzed from drugs either.  Or have a bed pan anywhere near me.  Not a nice way to spend a birthday....

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