Sunday, January 17, 2010

And I take that back...

Well, they're still in the NICU.  After all the last minute excitement and rushing around (and rescheduling Zev's birthday party), it was decided that the docs weren't quite as comfortable with the girls' ability to take all of their feeds orally.  They CAN do it, but it takes a lot of encouragement.  Tzelia specifically gets too tired and needs a lot of extra care.  Meorah just downs her feeds, but does have some reflux issues; both girls are now on Zantac for that.

So Jason spent the night with them last night to see how the feeds go.  I was going to go, but honestly the thought of yet another night in the hospital brought on some PTSD-like thoughts.  I felt/feel really badly about not going, although I know Jason has just as much right to go as I do.  I'm just the one with the boobies.  And, this way he gets used to the every-3-hours waking, which I've been doing for the last 6 weeks now.  We exchanged emails at 2am, and it sounded like things were going ok.  Hopefully the girls will be coming home in the next few days.

I am just ready for all of this to be over.  It was a bit of a teaser to be told that it was going to be this weekend, and then have it taken away.  Granted, having a few more days isn't all bad:  they will get their final ROP exam in the hospital rather than in a clinic after discharge (which will save a TON of time for us) and it may be that they will be discharged on the same day, which will also make things easier.  And we have a bit more time to get things ready for them.  But still...ugh.

Some pictures from yesterday when we visited, and the first ones of all five of us:

And after we left:

We did end up having a small party for Zev the night before:

Jason isn't home yet, but we'll see what the docs told him...


  1. I wondered if that might happen...since it happened to us more than once. Our boys came home on the same day...after weeks of "threatening" that Daniel was just abour ready to come home. He just seemed to be waiting for Ben so they could come home together. Sounds like it's just about to happen...EXCITING!

    My boys came home on Zantac too. Just make sure you watch for reflux symptoms to re-emerge as they gain weight. We had to up their dose about once a month in order to keep up. Ben grew out of it after a few months but Daniel's reflux got much worse and he ended up on Prevacid. Just a tip...

  2. HEY, was just thinking back to when we brought our preemie home... How awesome is it to hold a baby without any wires attached!?

  3. Sorry the girls didn't get to come home. I know that must be trying. Lovely pics of the birthday party, I am glad you got to have it, looks like a lot of people showed up to. Where did you have it?

    Sorry I have not been in touch in a while, life, but I feel bad saying that as your situation is mountains more stressful and busy.

    Thinking of you! I hope the girls will get to come home soon too!

  4. The birthday was at our house. Half of our living room is set up as a play area.

    Yes, no wires is awesome!! Makes changing her diaper so much easier.

    Thanks for the reflux tip. I'll be sure to keep an eye on that.