Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I missed Dick Clark and all the party-ing.

I am not a NY person anyway, so I'm not crying about it.  I was asleep when 2010 finally rolled in.  Long day yesterday.

The visit with the girls went well.  We did more nutritive feeds:  Tzelia ended up taking in 6 cc's from me, and Meorah took 10.  Not bad.  They both fell asleep only after a few minutes of trying:  it takes up so much of their energy to try to feed orally that we actually have to make sure they don't stat LOSING weight while doing this.  They can end up burning more calories trying to breastfeed than they are actually taking in.  But, both girls were able to suck-swallow-breath without problems, so that is a good sign.

Unfortunately I am still not feeling well.  I ended up back at the doctors today:  even though I am off that fenugreek I am still 'under the weather' and not feeling 100%.  When I took a look at my c-section incision, it did not look good yesterday morning:  parts of it were red and it seemed like the seal wasn't completely closed.  So off to the doc I went.  She said the incision was closed, it just wasn't sealing straight, so she used some silver nitrate to 'even it out' a bit.  Ouch.  And the GI was unrelated, although she told me to call if it got worse.  I told her I was still on pain meds, and she said that was fine given all my activity...I was going to be healing much more slowly.  And, yet again, I got a very nice lecture talk about how I should be taking it easy:  I just had major abdominal surgery and it would be ok to NOT go to the hospital every day...


I ended up getting home later than I had planned, which threw off my pumping schedule.  What can you do.  Nicole and Zev came home early because of the snow, and Jason was also somewhat early having come back from an eye appointment.  So we built a fire and relaxed for awhile.  I pumped again and after sitting with Jason and Zev for a bit after Nicole left, I just had to lay down.  And fell asleep.  Woke up for my 9pm pumping, then crashed again until 1:30am for my next pumping.  And hence, missed the New Year.

No resolutions this year.  I thought about that last night, but I'm still in 'one day at a time' mode, so I can't even begin to think about goals for next year.  I have no idea what things are going to look like once the girls come home.  Maybe just 'survival with sanity intact' would be a good goal for the next year....


  1. I like that "survival with sanity intact". That's a great resolution for the first year with twins...especially 30-weekers.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I plan to follow yours. Please drop me a note if you have any questions / need to vent about this NICU process, bringing home preemies, etc. I get it. Just 2 years ago, it was me.

    I haven't had time to read much of your blog yet, but will hopefully find the time over the next few days.

    Happy 2010!

  2. Thank you. I thought it would be appropriate. Just one day at a time...