Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Q-tip fun yesterday; no sign of ROP!

Another trip to the doctor for me...

My incision:  it was determined that it is granulation tissue, which is a type of connective tissue that forms during wound repair.  If it over-grows, it is called 'proud flesh' (I'm proud of it?) and can protrude.  Lucky me.  Treatment is to try to shrink it down by trimming it down or silver nitrate.  The physician I saw yesterday wanted to make sure it wasn't infected, so I had tons of fun while he poked and prodded in my incision with a Q-tip making sure it actually wasn't a deep hole.  Ewwww....  But:  no infection, no deep hole, and just granulation tissue.  So he cut it (yikes!) and put some silver nitrate on it, and I get to have it looked at again in a week.

yay.  At least I know what it is.

But lets have another medical complication just for shits and giggles:  since I can't sleep on my stomach, I have been sleeping in weird positions.  That, plus the non-stop pumping and poor body posture that accompanies it, means my entire upper back has been in spasm since 11am yesterday.  Of course I don't want to take anything for it because...I probably still have an ulcer.  Which reminds me:  I need to call for an appointment...

One thing taken care of, and another thing crops up...

Yesterday I had to wait at home for the girls' dresser to be dropped off.  I was told it would come between 12-4.  Hence, I was anticipating a knock on the door sometime around 3:45.  I was spending my morning trying to organize some things when the doorbell rang at 11:50am.  NO WAY.  Exactly WHEN do things be delivered EARLY????  Kick-ass.  Hence, I was actually able to get to the hospital yesterday (and see that doctor who got his kicks digging around in my incision).

Coincidentally, I made it just in time to watch the girls' ROP assessment.  For anyone who has a preemie who has to have this done...I wouldn't watch it.  I actually didn't see the assessment itself (I have a 'thing' about eyes and hate having my own checked) but listening to the girls scream was not my cup of tea.  It didn't hurt, but who the heck enjoys having their eyes poked and prodded?  Poor things succombed to the best coping mechanism there is:  sleep.  They both dropped off less than a minute after the exam.  Way too much stimulation for their poor brains to handle.

Two things I was told by the nurse:

  1. I am not allowed to bring in breast milk anymore because I am taking over their freezer.  Despite all the health issues I'm having, I seem to be a lactating machine.  So Jason and I have to buy a second freezer for my stash.  Good times.
  2. I was asked if I wanted the girls to be started on bottles when I am not around.  At this point, it isn't necessary but I was given the option.  
Bottle feeding:  I said no.  While I know the girls will probably come home on bottles (since they need fortified breast milk), I'd rather not introduce them until it really becomes necessary.  It does mean I'll have to try to be there more regularly, which until all this health stuff happened, I was doing anyway.  They are still too weak to get much through oral feeds, so this would just be a continued 'training' for them.  My goal is to be there for at least one of their care periods, if not two, and get them taking milk orally more often.  I asked what women who wanted to exclusively breastfeed did, and the nurse said they usually stayed all day/spent the night, or did their best to stay as much as they could.  If they were going to EBF, they had to stay over night so the docs could make sure the baby still gained weight.  With Zev, I don't want to do that and I know I can't EBF anyway, but I still would rather hold off on the bottles as long as possible.

I'll have to do another post on this....  the whole 'bottle vs breast' is such an issue for moms and everyone has their own opinion....

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