Thursday, January 28, 2010

Zev and Meorah

Everyone keeps asking me:  how is Zev coping with Meorah coming home?

I admit I had initially been worried about that.  How would he react from having 100% of his parents' attention to suddenly having a newcomer (or two) in the house?  I knew he was a very laid back boy, and generally a very happy child, but it was still going to be a big adjustment for him.

Surprise, surprise...he's great with her.  When one of us is holding her, he will come over and say softly, "Hi Moreah".  Note to self:  should have picked a name that was easily pronounceable to a 2-year old.  He will try to bring her a bottle or her pacifier, and when he hears her he will say 'Moreah crying'.  This morning as he was leaving with Nicole, he stopped by her basinet and said quietly 'See you later Moreah'.  It was adorable and very touching, actually.  I guess really shouldn't be surprised:  he's always been such an easy boy.  No signs of jealousy, no real problems.  Just typical 2 year old control-battles that are part of raising a very very active and high-energy boy.

He has been amazing me.  He knows all his letters already and he only just turned 2 the other week.  He also has this inbred fascination with anything with buttons, and can tell if something is electronic:  he will bring it over to me and ask me to 'fix it' if he can't turn it on or the batteries are missing.  Even a toy that I had no idea even HAD batteries.

Tzelia is still in the NICU following a random apnea episode that happened the other night.  Since the rule is five days of no spells...that re-set the clock to zero.  Earliest she can come home is Monday.  But, on the positive side, her feedings are going much better now.  I brought Meorah to see her yesterday and Jason took a picture of the two of them on his iPhone:

It looks like Meorah is smiling.  I'd like to think she is.

I had my post-partum appointment yesterday.  I was finally cleared to 'resume all activity'.  Part of the post-partum appointment is to talk about birth control.  I'm not a fan of hormonal birth control (I have too many hormonal issues as it is), so I did tell him the pill wasn't going to be an option.  And then I got the chat about future pregnancies:

High-risk OB:  "If you plan on having another pregnancy..."
Interrupted by laughter on my part
High-risk OB: "Well, should you become pregnant, you have to call me"
Me: "I figured I would automatically be a high-risk pregnancy"
High-risk OB with a dead-pan serious expression:  "Yes, you need to CALL ME so we can be sure to do something different next time"

Not that I'm jumping to have another baby, but it does make me sad that I probably will not.  (I know my husband reads this, and lets just say his response is:  If you have another baby, it isn't going to be mine).  I like being pregnant (yes, despite my bitching, I actually do), and I enjoy my babies and my son.  But three is probably enough.

Of course, in two years I may be singing another tune.  But then, my bank account will probably convince me otherwise.  Unless we move to bo-dunk no-where, ain't no way....  love living in Boston for all it has to offer...but everything it offers is uber $$$...


  1. Tzelia looks JUST like Zev, I can't get over it!!

    And since Zev and Nora are long lost twins, that is so good to hear he didn't have a huge adjustment period. Nora is so easy-going, as well, so I hope she has as easy of a time!!!

  2. I just can't get over the fact that Zev already knows all his letters!

  3. Oh my gawd. SQUEEE! @ the photo of the girls together!

  4. I found you on the Multiples & More blog. I have boy/girl twins, and we live in the Boston area too! Ours were in the NICU @ BIDMC (I don't know where you are, but if you are there you might have some of the same doctors and nurses whom we LOVED). Although, we are moving to Michigan next month...because Boston is too expensive :( Your girls are beautiful, and your son sounds like the sweetest little man. Congratulations!

  5. Thanks, Kim! We are at MGH: my husband is a nurse there, so it worked out rather well. Michigan will be quite a change, but good luck! It would definitely be less $$...I lived in IN for awhile, and it was so much cheaper there. But I'm from Boston and my family is still here, and my husband went to school here. So we're stuck here. Ha.