Friday, January 8, 2010

Zev pictures

Still in open air cribs!  I admit that I was surprised.  But their temperatures continue to be adequate, so they are staying in the cribs.  In fact, their nurse yesterday said at this point, all they really need to do is learn to eat and they can go home.  It may be as early as two weeks (optimistic) or three (more realistic).  Obviously we want them to come home, but it means so much stuff needs to be done before then!  Most importantly:  I need to recover from this c-section!

I'm still in pain and did take a dilaudid last night before going to bed.  It still hurts.  My six week post-partum check-up is in two weeks, and I really hope I am pain-free by then.  If not, I do wonder what the OB will say.  I'll probably get another lecture on 'taking it easy'.  Ha.

My big concern at the moment:  Zev, and how this is going to affect  him.  Since he is such an easy-going kid (for a two year old), I am hoping he will be ok.  It is a good thing we have Nicole already:  that will give him some stability.  Jason will be home for two weeks as well, so he can spend time with Nicole and Jason and stick to his normal schedule while I try to figure out the girls' routine.  I'm hoping that if we can keep things as stable as possible for him, he will adapt better.

Since I haven't posted pictures of Zev recently:

Jason and Zev visiting Tzelia

Zev after his second favorite thing (the first being 'brush the teeth')

Zev and the 'scary' humidifier


Such a happy boy.  Granted, he has his moments right now.  God forbid you tell him 'no':  instant water-works.  Luckily, he can be distracted quickly and they do not last long.  He really is a special boy:  we're very blessed.

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