Saturday, January 2, 2010

Will I ever be well?

Warning:  vent ahead.

I am very very tired of being incapacitated.  I was put on bed rest on 10/2.  Felt fine, but couldn't DO anything and had to spend my time in bed or on the couch.  Went into the hospital at week 24 for a few days for steroid shots.  Went into the hospital AGAIN at week 26 for preterm labor and had all the joys of magnesium sulfate thrown at me.  Stayed for two weeks.  Went into the hospital AGAIN at week 30 for preterm labor and once again had mag sulfate thrown at me, but at a much higher dose that made me extremely ill.  Yet it didn't stop the labor, and hence my beautiful girls were born.

Ok.  In between that, I had oral surgery somewhere around week 27 for a mucocelle.  Which actually didn't go away completely, so the week after the girls were born, I went back and had it done again.  Each time consisted of a few days of subsiding on yogurt and taking too much pain meds while trying not to rip open the stitches in my mouth.  Lovely.

Lets not forget I had a c-section.  And, since the girls are still in the hospital, I can't just rest on the couch and breast feed:  I am up and about and going to the hospital, trying to spend time with my son (who I barely got to see during those 10 weeks of bed rest) and sitting at that pump every 3 hours.  I ended up taking too much percocet, so I was given dilaudid.  Fine.  Weaned myself off the dilaudid, but continued to take the prescription strength Motrin every 5 hours or so.  I have been on some form of pain medicine for about four weeks now.  At least the horrible edema that caused pain whenever I laid down is gone.

A few days ago, I felt some GI problems and chaulked it up to some fenugreek I had started.  So I stopped the fenugreek.  But, the GI cramping is still occurring.  Every time I eat, I end up in intense pain.  Well, what could that be?  I have my incision looked at again because part of it looks like it isn't healing properly and I'm wondering if it is related.  No, not related, just a coincidence, but I still need to follow-up on that incision because it isn't healing correctly and have another appointment in another week.  Ok.  But what is causing all this GI pain?

Enter google.  "possible causes for abdominal pain"

Well, a cause for abdominal pain happens to be an ulcer.  And what are risk factors for an ulcer?

  1. Surgery
  2. Stress
  3. Caffeine
  4. Oh, and taking too much NSAIDs, of which Motrin happens to be.
Well, Christ.  

So I'm on a series of omeprozole OTC, hoping that will help.  It should take a few days.  If it isn't better by Monday, I should probably call my GI doctor and be looked at.

But really?  Can't I just catch a break already?  Three months of being an invalid?  I feel like a hypochondriac:  every time I turn around, something is wrong with me.  

I really should change my name to Job.

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