Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back in the game

Woke up this morning feeling much better.  Whew!  Still not 100%, but I'll take 97%.  Its still an 'A'.

Part of the problem was that I started taking some fenugreek, which is an herb to help with lactation.  I had done this with Zev, and while I don't know if it really helped, I thought I may try it.  Well, a few days into the trial I started feeling rather 'upset' of the GI variety.  Not being of the soundest mind currently, it took me a few days to realize what the culprit probably was.  Enter Google:  side effects of fenugreek can include gastric upset.  Well, there you go.

Fenugreek in the trash.  So while I still have a cold, at least that is my only real upset.  Other than continued  c-section pain and exhaustion, of course.  I actually am still on 600 mg of motrin every 6 hours.  I find that as soon as those 6 hours are up, I immediately feel pain and a cramping feeling.  I really really hope this goes away soon.

Had another good session with the girls today.  We did a 'real' nutritive feeding.  For Meorah, we just put her to the breast to see what would happen.  She actually got into the groove immediately and did a fantastic job.  So much so, that her day nurse cut her feeding volume down and still thinks she ended up being over fed.  For Tzelia, we were smarter and weighed her before and after to find out how much she was taking in.  She only lasted about four minutes before falling asleep, but got eight cc's in that four minutes, which is about a third of her feeding.  While I have no idea if this is any good, the nurse (who is also one of the LCs on the floor) was extremely impressed.  Neither girls had any breathing issues while feeding, which is the major concern when graduating to oral feeds.  Good times.

And as a weight check, Meorah is now 3 lbs 6 oz (birth weight 3 lbs 1 oz, and had gotten down to around 2.5 lbs), and Tzelia is 3 lbs 1 oz (birth weight 2 lbs 14 oz, and similarly had gotten lower).

While at the hospital, I ran into an old co-worker of mine whose wife just had a baby a few days ago.  So I stopped to visit them on my way out.  Her son was a whopping 9+ lbs.  Three times the size of my girls.  She has insulin resistance issues, which can result in larger babies.  The comparison between her son and my  I feel very happy for them, though:  first baby.  Wish them well.

I also had a nice surprise today:  an online friend (Magda, you know who you are) sent me such a nice gift and card.  I've received a few gifts since they were born...not too many, after all this isn't my first time at this...but what made this one special was that I've actually never met her.  Online friend only.  We coincidentally have been pregnant at the same time:  both with my son, and she is currently pregnant with a baby of unknown gender (crazy lady doesn't want to know).  It was a very nice thing to do.

Pretty good day.  Twenty-three NICU days down...


  1. Oh that was so nice of that lady! Karrie (you know her) sends me the most wonderful things too. She is so sweet, more than I can say in words. Did you ever get my card for your Bday, I think you had the girls like that day though.

  2.'re welcome! And just for the record, I DO want to know, it's the husband that doesn't, lol. I just went along and it's not as hard waiting as I thought.

    So glad to hear the girls are doing well with their feedings!

  3. That is some great news on the feedings-front! I can't wait to see some pics of the girls with milk mustaches!

  4. You're welcome, Magda!! It was very sweet.

    Red, I do need to take more pictures...have to remember the camera.

    Morgan, I DID get your card!! I'm sorry...with the birth and everything I realized I never let you know. Thank you!!!

  5. no worries Sarah. I am glad you got it, I was worried. How are you doing today?