Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Doing so well but still feeling it

I went to the hospital by myself this morning; Nicole had an OB appointment, so my mother came to see Zev and Jason dropped me off at the hospital and then went back home to get some chores done and to be there to watch Zev after my mother had to leave.  I'm glad Zev has a chance to spend so much time with his grandparents.  These days it seems the majority of families live so far apart from each other and do not get to spend that much time with relatives other than their immediate families.  I saw my grandparents maybe once or twice a year, and I think it would have been nice to see them more often.  I think Zev (and the girls) are lucky to be able to see their grandparents (and my sister and her family) so often.

Good news for Meorah: not only is she still off the CPAP, but we were able to have her umbilical IV removed. Tzelia's IV was removed yesterday, so both girls are now breathing on their own and only receiving breast milk through their NG tubes.  No more IV nutrition/fluids!  Great news.  The attending doc (they rotate every two weeks) introduced himself to me and Jason and was very positive about the girls' progress.  Always good to hear.

I had lunch with a girlfriend after doing some kangaroo care with Tzelia.  Again, the distractions are always welcome.  I need chances to talk to other people and hear some positive feedback.  And I need to be out of the hospital once and awhile.  We had a nice chat and lunch, and she dropped me back off at the hospital.

I had to have my percocet refilled, unfortunately.  My c-section recovery is going far too slowly.  I just can't 'recover' the way I should:  I'm running around too much and not sleeping enough.  I try to taper the dose but end up in too much pain.  The edema is better, thank goodness.  My feet still feel numb sometimes, but they aren't the sausages they were two days ago...maybe mini-hot dogs or something.

Sleep...it is slowly starting to affect me, which isn't good.  I am having some anxious dreams and waking up crying.  Having to get up every three hours is just taking its toll on me, I suppose.  And this just IS stressful.  Jason is feeling it as well:  he mentioned tonight that the last few months are now just catching up to him.  When he was in the midst of it all (me on bed rest, he doing 100% of everything), he couldn't afford to feel the stress - he had too much to do. Now that that period is over, it is settling in.  Granted he is still under stress, but it is a different type of stress.  And, at least now there is a positive:  the girls.

Off to bed...to return in three hours...

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  1. Hi. This Cary again (About the Small Stuff - twin boys (now 2 years old) born at 30 weeks). I pumped for my boys when they were in the NICU too. I'm not sure what your milk supply is like but I was able to only pump once overnight. I'd go to bed around 10pm and not pump til about 3am...and then around 7am when I got up. My supply was through the roof. I've heard that sleep is a very important component of increasing your supply. Something you may want to consider trying.