Sunday, December 27, 2009

And the siblings meet

The flu ban was lifted.

While I was on bed rest, there was a flu ban in the hospital:  no children were allowed in the hospital unless they were there as patients.  Luckily, people tended to ignore the ban, so I could still see Zev while I was in the hospital.  While he wasn't allowed on the unit itself, I could be wheeled off of the unit to see him in the more public areas of the hospital. We did our best to do that a couple of times a week.  It was actually a mixed blessing for me:  he really wasn't into the hospital, and being a 2 year old he has an attention span of a gnat.  Plus, he had learned that I really cannot do things with him, so he really wasn't all that excited to see me.  So while I was glad to see him, it hurt me to see him as well.

When the girls were born, a similar ban was in place for the NICU only far more strict:  no one except parents allowed.

The ban was lifted the other day, so we were able to bring Zev in to meet his sisters.  My parents were also able to come by, which was nice as my mother is flying back to Florida early this morning.

Zev was...not impressed.  Of course, he's too young to really appreciate that the little babies he saw are his sisters.  He was far more interested in all the lights in the room and riding on grammie's scooter.  Still, we're going to try to bring him a few more times over the course of the next few weeks so he will be familiar with them and it shouldn't be a complete surprise when they come home.

I was very pleased that my parents could see the girls.  It is one thing to look at pictures, but nothing compares to seeing the little ones in person.  They were actually quite alert when we were there - but it was also meal time, and they usually wake up for that.  I spent some more time with Tzelia (I had already been to the hospital this morning and held them both then) and Jason was able to hold Meorah for awhile.  We ended up there longer than I had thought we would, but it was a really nice evening.

Jason reminded me this morning that we haven't gone out to eat in....probably over a month.  That could be...I can't remember.  So we went out to Minado, which is a Japanese buffet in Natick.  It was good and it was good to get out of the house.  The most amusing:  watching Zev eat jello for the first time.  He was completely fascinated and kept yelling (literally) for more:  "JELLO!!!".  At least our table neighbors found it amusing...

He really is a wonderful little boy.  I had missed him a lot while I was on bed rest.   Sure, I saw him every day, but I couldn't pick him up or really interact with him.  While I still shouldn't pick him up (hurts way too much) at least I can play with him, feed him, and spend more time with him.  That is one small good thing that comes out of the girls being in the NICU:  I get some nice quality time with my son before they come home.  Of course, I hate that they are in the hospital, but you have to find your silver linings....

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  1. I'm so glad your mother got to see Meorah and Tzelia before returning home. Talk about good timing for the ban to be lifted!

    I hope you and Zev have some fun playing together today....