Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shout out to my husband

Who went and did some kangaroo with Tzelia after Zev went to bed because neither of us got a chance to do that with her today (I was in too much pain and he was holding Meorah).

Who then went to Labor/Delivery to find a doctor to fill a new prescription for a different pain med (the original prescription was backordered at every CVS that was called).  Only he had to wait for the doc to come out of delivery...which took much longer than he had anticipated.

Who then had to fight through a traffic jam leaving MGH (at 11:30pm??) and run to a CVS to get the prescription filled for me.

And didn't get home until after midnight.  Oh, and who also had never eaten dinner before he had originally left and was thus starving all night.

As I said in an earlier post:  I'm pretty lucky.

My two boys

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