Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another surgery

Second round of surgery in 8 days time.

Four days before I went into labor, I had some oral surgery done.  I had a mucocele which appeared while I was in the hospital during weeks 26-28.  Not painful, but very annoying.  I had had one about five years ago that ended up getting so big I couldn't eat.  As soon as I was out of the hospital, I called to get it surgically removed.  Quick surgery:  total time takes about half an hour, and most of that is just waiting for the anesthetic to kick in.  The day after the surgery I noted that it looked like there was still some of the mucocele present, but I wanted to wait and see what it looked like after the swelling went down.  Well, four days after the surgery it was still there...but then I went into labor and had other priorities...

Unfortunately it continued to grow and went back to the size it was prior to the surgery.  Again, not painful but rather annoying.  So, before I was even discharged from the hospital, I called the surgeon and scheduled another appointment (lucky for me, or rather my insurance he wasn't going to charge me this time).  Surgery was scheduled for this morning.

So we went.  And now I have sutures in my mouth again and am sentenced to a few days of a yogurt-only diet.  Lovely.  Luckily this time I'm on percocet already, so it shouldn't be as painful.   And it is only a few days of discomfort; I remember the sutures starting to fall out the day after the surgery and all were out within three days.  Still...I'm uncomfortable enough as it is, and don't really feel like adding this to my list of complaints.

Interestingly, my doctor said he wasn't surprised to see me again:  turns out all those pregnancy hormones can increase the growth of these things (not sure how...up-regulating growth factors maybe?). He said I shouldn't be surprised if it came back, but given that I have given birth I may be lucky since my hormones should be decreasing.

They're decreasing?  Really?  Funny, I'm still over-emotional and crying five or six times a day....  Could have fooled me...

Plan for the rest of the day is to catch the girls' 2pm feeding.  Since I held Tzelia yesterday I will probably hold Meorah today.  Jason managed to hold her for two hours yesterday (lucky!!!) while I was running around trying to get some more percocet - the irony of someone needing pain medicine having to run around to get some is rather amusing...

Oh, and I finally got those pictures of my swollen feet:

And some new pictures of Meorah and Tzelia and of course, their big brother...



  1. geesh about the extra surgery! Love the photos!

  2. I know. Its better now. Hopefully I won't have to go again.

    :) Photos are great. I need to print some off....