Sunday, December 20, 2009

The day after 'rest'

Well, the day started with me sleeping through one of my pumping sessions.  I remember getting up at 3:30am and pumping.  Next thing I knew it was 8am.  Great...missed my 6am shot!  Got up, went immediately downstairs and met up with my new best friend.  It may be the geek inside me, but I find it interesting that my body seems to be pretty good at producing about 1oz/hour.  If I go three hours, I get three ounces.  For that five hour break, I got about five ounces.  Not bad, but I will have to increase that.  While 24 oz is sufficient for ONE baby, it isn't going to cut it for two.  I'll worry more about it as time goes on, but for now it isn't bad.  The girls are being fed every three hours, and they are each getting just under one ounce/feeding.  So I have about an ounce surplus for each feeding...for now.  I'm hoping once they are feeding 'for real', I'll be able to supply more.  I really want to avoid formula as much as I can.  Nothing against formula, but breast milk is the better choice:  far more healthy for the kiddos (which given their preemie status is even more important) and its free.  This is why I am trying to be really anal about scheduling the pumping:  now is not the time to get lazy about that sort of thing...

Jason spent the morning shoveling, which means I spent the morning with Zev.  Which was wonderful.  I really haven't spent any one-on-one time with him in months:  it has been too dangerous. And granted, I can't do much with him right now.  But we were able to play together and have breakfast together; he can climb into his high chair, so I didn't even have to worry about picking him up.  Jason was able to drive me to the hospital after he finished shoveling so I could make my appointment and see the girls.

Appointment went fine.  The midwife thought that it was just a matter of not managing the pain meds well. I did feel much better after my day off (yes....I know 'I told you so') and with the stronger medication.  Still in pain, but definitely much better.  I will have another follow-up appointment on Wed.

And I was able to see the girls.  I did some kangaroo'ing with Tzelia.  Stubborn girl:  ripped out her NG tube while I was holding her.  Hell, I don't blame her...I wouldn't want that in me either.  I didn't have time to hold Meorah, but I did change her diaper.  Its amazing how much can come out of such little bodies...

Still very tired.  I think the trick is to actually continue to take it easy.  It is kind of like stopping your medication because you feel better....well, you feel better BECAUSE you are taking your meds.  I feel better BECAUSE I took it easy yesterday.  So good lesson:  allow myself to rest and take it easy every few days.

Jason is back to work tomorrow.  So this week will be the first week in which I'll be on my own to go to the hospital, get myself around, plan my schedule, etc.  It is actually going to be a busy week, especially with Christmas.  But I think I can continue to 'take it easy'...although I may need reminding once in awhile....

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