Saturday, December 12, 2009

And a blog is born

I have blogged in the past, but would tire of it shortly after I began.  Perhaps because each day seemed much like the other.  However given recent life events, I thought I may need an outlet for my thoughts, emotions, and something to look back upon in the months to come.  I have a feeling I will forget much of will occur in the coming weeks, and having a written reminder will be a comfort.

The first few posts will concentrate on what brought me back to the blogging world.  But as a quick summary:  I am the wife of a wonderfully supportive husband who has just gone above and beyond expectations these last few months.  I am the mother of a darling of a son who will be two years old in January.  He is a gem and a true blessing.  And I am now the mother of two precious twin girls who were born 10 weeks early and after 10 weeks of home and hospitalized bed rest.

I was discharged from the hospital four days after their birth, as typically done following a c-section.   The girls are still in the hospital and will most likely remain there for the next two months.  These next few months will involve daily drives to the hospital to visit the girls, daily prayers on their well-being with daily updates on their health status.  The breast pump has become my new best friend and sleep is someone I used to spend a lot of time with when I was on bed rest....however our relationship is slowly becoming more and more estranged.

My hope is that by writing in this blog I will be better able to keep track of how the girls are doing, process how I'm feeling about having two premature babies, as well as give myself the opportunity to remember and appreciate the blessings I have in addition to my girls:  my wonderful husband, beautiful son, and support system of friends and family.  Without that appreciation, I imagine the stress can become overwhelming.  The next weeks/months/years of parenting two premature children will be stressful, most certainly.  But life is also full of gifts and joy, and I want to also be sure to enjoy those gifts and laugh along the way.  Life is too short and even in times of hardship there is always something to be grateful for.

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